The Top 5 Crazy Fun Mountain Bike Trails Houston Has



Nothing is more thrilling for any mountain biker than exploring the new rides with great sceneries and challenges. Houston is one of the best places with a lot of trails for mountain biking. Cyclists can put your endurance and energy to the test. In this article, I want to introduce you the best mountain bike trails Houston.

Five of the Most Exhilarating Mountain Bike Trails in Houston

1. Get great experience with Cypresswood Trails

Cypresswood Trails is a single track trail. It comprises a combination of technical attributes and bowl area. The level of this trails is ‘moderate’. It is a favorite place for those people who are honing their mountain biking skills.

This is one of the most well-maintained trail systems in the State. It has a total distance of five miles with a number of staked loops. The clearly marked obstacles help many mountain bikers feel safe and comfortable with this trail.

The trail itself snakes along the banks of the known creeks of Houston, the Cypresswood Creek. So, whether you are a beginner or a high-level mountain biker, this trail is a good choice for taking a mountain biking trip.

2. Enjoy thrilling elevation changes at the River Bend Trails

Following the branches of the Brazos River, beginner and intermediate level mountain bikers can inevitably enjoy the main trail system of the River Bend. The system itself entails two main trails ends in a loop along the said river. This trail features a single track with minimal rocks and roots.

There is a convenient parking place at the Holy Cross Episcopal Church’s far side lot. Therefore, cyclists do not worry about taking their vehicles. From the parking lot, you can simply ride to the end part of the Thistlerock Lane. From there, you can find a sidewalk which leads to a gate and a gravel trail. However, you should take a sharp left turn instead of taking the gravel trail. This will lead you the top the park benches and the main entrance to the East Loop of the River Bend Trail.

People will remove the fallen tree promptly to maintain the friendlyness of the track. That helps cyclists to appreciate the trail instantly. Sometime, the trail may close for some days during the raining season as the soil in this area holds water.

3. Hone your mountain biking skills at the Justin P. Brindley Trail

If you are looking for both fun and challenges, the 1.2 mile stretch of the Justin P. Brindley Trail in Houston is a perfect place for you. Its level is also ‘moderate’. It is not only the most favorite place for mountain biking but also road biking, dog walking and hiking.

In addition, this trail also allows dogs, but owners should keep them on a leash. As many bikers and hikers go on this trail every day, this place gets moderately trafficked. There are 15 different ideal Technical Trail Features for advance cyclists to boost their skills.

4. Feel the rush at the Triangle Trail of Houston

The Triangle Trial stretches at a distance of 1.6 miles. This is a lightly trafficked-type of the loop trail. So, mountain bikers and hikers can enjoy the trail at any time of the year. The trail also allows dogs as long as the pets. However, owners need to keep them on a leash.

The location of Triangle Trail is in the heart of the Memorial Park. That allows cyclist to see the it is rich in rolling hills through the rides. As a result, this trails become a favorite place for advance mountain bikers. Its terrain is quite comparable with trail races such as the Wild Hare, Horseshoe, and Hell’s Hills.

This is a difficult trails for cyclists as it has quite a few hazards. Firstly, the trail itself can get particularly slippery even after a light rain. Secondly, it is a bit more remote than the main trails at the Memorial Park. For these reasons, biker and hikers should take the route in groups or avoid biking or hiking at night.

5. Take your baby steps towards mountain biking at the Memorial Park Orange Trail

Memorial Park Orange Trail offers a fun and exhilarating ride to the beginners with its 2.1-mile distance. Taking this trail allows bikers to enjoy the view of a river and many activities.

In fact, this is an easy trail. This trail is suitable for people who are still honing their skills at mountain biking. So, it is not a good choice if you seeking a difficult trails with steep grades and rocks.

The fact that it becomes a crowded place in summer is a weak point of this trail. A lots of mountain bikers, dog walkers, and runners gather to this place. Therefore, you need to apply trail etiquette to encounter several others during your journey.

Final Thoughts On These Trails

Houston is fun. No doubt about it. If you happen to live in the area or if you intend to travel there on a long weekend, your mountain bike is your lovely companion. You can try any of these trails to get a pleasant experience.

I hope that this article can give you necessary information for the biking trip. Please share your experience and I would love to know them too. If you find the list useful, then go ahead and click SHARE. Feel free to drop me a line or two on your questions as well. The next time I will start navigating more exciting bike trails in Michigan, you will certainly be the first one to know. Enjoy the ride!!

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