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People love cycling by different ways, so that the manufactures make various of bicycle styles according to each cyclist style. Let see the different kind of bikes then discover the most cycling style for yourselves!

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What can you do with a bike?

Although bikes are designed for moving from one point to another, it is important to realize that there are so many things that you can do with a bicycle.  This includes:

  • Transport: One of the roles that a bike plays in our lives is transport. When it comes to commuting for short distances, a bicycle can be a very convenient mode of transport. This is because, it is not only fast but also, is an affordable means of transport. In fact, there are companies around the world which have adopted biking as a means of either running errands around town or making deliveries over short distances.  
  • Exercises: Exercise is very important in our lives for it helps keep our bodies fit. One of the ways through which you can exercise the most important muscles in our bodies is through biking. However, you will achieve the best results by riding for about an hour in 3 days of the week. By so doing, you will be burning a lot of calories from your body.
  • Racing/Competition: Riding bike as a sport is another role that bikes play. Here, competitors race either on a dirt track or a paved road. You can either arrange for a race with your friends or join an established racing competition. In the latter, only professional bikers are allowed and the winners are normally awarded with a wide range of goodies and money.
  • Leisure: If you want to enjoy the outdoors, you can choose biking as fun activity.  You can bike around biking trails and enjoy the wonders of nature. The good thing is that, there are biking trails available in different cities around the world. Alternatively, you can bike around town and enjoy the sceneries.
  • Carrying small luggage: There are some bikes that come with carriers. You can use such bikes for carrying small amounts of luggage over short distances. Such bikes bring a lot of convenience to people especially because they can pass through narrow roads

Maintaining tips

How to keep a bike in good condition?

There are many ways of maintaining a bike in good condition. This includes:

  • Wash your bike: It is important to wash and dry out your bike after riding around. This is very important for it will maintain it in good condition. This is especially when you ride on a muddy and dusty trail. You can just use water and a household detergent to do the cleaning.
  • Repair your bike: Repairing any broken or damaged part is an important part of owning a bike. As you ride your bike, the moving parts are exposed to wear and tear and with time, break down and fail completely.  Therefore, you need to have such parts replaced.  If you fail to do so, the bike can leave you stranded on the middle of a biking session.
  • Service your bike. There are parts of a bike that requires regular servicing including oiling, greasing and cleaning. Parts such as bearings, chains and gears need some lubrication. In addition, you need to tighten bolts, nuts, chains, cables and other loose parts at the recommended intervals. Also, you should replace worn rubber and seals to ensure tightness.
  • Replace tires. As you ride your bike, tires get worn and lose tread. If the tread become too thin, the bike would lack grip and this is dangerous for it can not only jeopardize biking power but also, lose control on slippery roads.
  • Painting and polishing. Paint on a bike not only makes the bike look beautiful but also, prevent rust. If you have areas on your bike that have lost paint, it is important to have them repainted in order to protect the underneath metal from corrosion.

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