10 Essential Things for a Cycling Tour



Over the past years, the interest of people in cycling has increased spectacularly. Now cycling is no longer the preserve of professional cyclists or serious practitioners, but now this sport has taken up all kinds of people and for every kind of reasons. There are several reasons behind the increasing trend of cycling and this escalating trend has also given birth to advanced cycling gears, accessories and equipment. Whether you are biking across home state or cycling at the mountain trails, always prepare the essential things for a cycling tour.

Apart from the normal list-sleeping bad, tent etc. here is a list of that might give you a positive experience during your next cycling adventure.

10 Essential Things for a Cycling Tour

1. Saddle Bag:

This is one of an important thing that you must carry while going for cycling. Slung under the saddle, this seat bag can be used to carry various items like multi-tool, flat repair kit, snacks, water bottle, sunscreen, lip balm etc. Carrying a saddle bag is a much better option than sorting through big panniers at the bike's sides. You can carry other essential things for a cycling tour in your saddle bag.

BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

A saddle bag

2. Riding Scarf:

You might be thinking why cotton scarf is essential, but keeping a small cotton scarf could be used as a head cover during cold weather condition or could be used to cover face while cycling through dusty roads, anyways, there are many beautiful riding scarf in the store, you will interesting when choose one.

Cycling scarf

3. Rain Gear:

No doubt, rainwear seems to have a relationship with Murphy’s Law, when you carry it, then it never rains and when you forget it, rain will pour (just kidding!). So, the advice is you should never forget to carry a high-quality and comfortable rainwear. Consider purchasing rainwear that keeps you dry from the weather outside and it must also be breathable to keep you most comfortable from inside the rainwear.

Carhartt Men's Shoreline Jacket Waterproof Breathable Nylon

Remember to carry a rainwear.

4. Extra Footwear:

Obviously you will be wearing SPD bike shoes while riding, still, it is important to carry an extra pair of footwear to spend the time off the bike without any hassle. Also, consider keeping versatile footwear which is comfortable to wear even in rainy season.

Shimano SH-R065 Bike Shoes Mens

Cycling shoe

5. Bike lock:

Protecting your bike is essential if you are parking it in a place which is far from your actual site. You must keep a U-Lock or Chain lock for any such situation while going for a cycling trip. Also, one thing which you should make sure is the quality of lock because a bad quality lock can end up your trip in a shorter period which you would never want.

Master Lock Cable Lock, Standard Combination Bike Lock

Bike lock

6.    Energy Drinks & Foods:

Sometimes, while on a cycling trip you may encounter some health issues or drowsiness and that time you must have quick-energy drinks or foods such as chocolate bars, cereal bars, fresh bread, carbohydrates and sugar drinks etc. so that you can get back your energy and move on.

energy food

Take rest and have some food to recover your energy.

7.    Multi tool kit:

If you are going for a longer ride than you must also have a multi tool kit in your stuff so as to avoid unwanted time consumption in case of your bike was broken. Your kit must have a range of screwdrivers, wrenches, Allen keys etc. to adjust important bolts on your cycle. Also, handlebars and stem may also cause problems while ride, so having sufficient tools to fix problems is necessary. Moreover, chain breaking is common issue also, so your multi tool box should also have a chain tool. A multi tool kit is the most important essential things for a cycling tour.

WOTOW 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Bicycle Cycling Mechanic Repair Tool Kit With 3 pcs Tire Pry Bars Rods

A multi tool kit.

8.   Tire Levers:

Tire levers are important to fix a flat tire. These tools help take tire off a rim with ease so you can pick up the tube and fix with patches.

Pedro's Tire Levers

Take the tire out of the rim by using tire levers.

9.   Emergency Patches, extra inner tube & Pump:

In some case, your bicycle tire might getting punctured you must have patches to fix inner tube and then also a pump to adjust the tire pressure. These days there are many small size pumps available which are light-weight and easy to carry.

Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit - Fits Presta & Schrader - 120 PSI - No Valve Changing Needed

A mini bicycle pump.

In case your inner tube could not be fixed by a patch, extra inner tube need to be ready for a replacement so that you can quickly back to your interesting cycling trip.

These essential things for a cycling tour are very useful, because the issue that cyclist usually meet is tire being flat during their trip.

10. Bike Racks:

If you want to go explore a new bike trail, but it is too far, and you need to carry you bike on your car/ truck to that trail. Bike racks are necessary things that you must have if you are cycling passionate. From roof mounted bike rack to hitched racks and truck racks, bike racks comes in a wide variety and offer an ease to carry your bicycles anywhere you want. Cycling requires transporting your bikes from one place to another and for this purpose you need a specially designed gear that can help in carrying your bike safely without harming your car or bicycle.

Carry bike on car

Carry bike on car - Via bikerackforsuv.org


There are some people say that they are not comfortable with carry above things while riding a bicycle. But as many experienced cyclist advise you should prepare all essential things for a cycling tour if you don’t want you interesting trip have to be stopped suddenly without expectation. Any items have their own use, and will help you ready to solve the potential problems during your trip.

Above items are easy to find at a bike shop, or you can buy them from internet. There are many types, let choose the one you like, with high quality and easy for using.

By Alex Harris, a friend from Bike Rack for SUV.

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