Basic BMX Tricks for Beginners


You have bought a new BMX bike and want to know the coolest BMX tricks to try out for your next outdoor adventure. We could help you with regards to that matter. Here, we will cover the basic BMX tricks especially ideal for beginners, plus safety cautions and a few advanced BMX bike tricks you can try with your friends. Stay updated!


BMX is one of the most popular bike categories for children, which stands for Bicycle Moto Cross. It is a quick-handling, race-worthy, dirt-ready, rugged bike that features solid rear brake, knobby tires, and lightweight frame and parts. BMX bike is ideal to use everything from short off-road tours to around the town riding to full dirt track BMX racing.

And when it comes to bike stunt riding, BMX tricks have been among the popular items these days. Although quite risky, they prove to be a fun and enjoying venture that provides BMX bikers with numerous physical and health benefits.

Let's discover BMX bike and BMX tricks deeper!

Why do Young People Love BMX Bike?

There are various reasons why increasingly more people enter the sport of BMX. Not only it allows you to be physically active that can help you maintain a slim, healthy figure, bicycle motocross also allows you to challenge yourself every day. Moreover, riding your BMX means meeting new and lifelong friends from various parts of the world and different backgrounds.

BMX tricks

What Makes BMX Bike Unique? 

BMX bikes are far different to a mountain bike or standard road bike. Among these differences is that BMX is the great choice for tricks and stunts either off the road or on the streets.

Among the exceptional qualities of BMX that makes it a perfect bike for out of the world tricks, in the park, on the pavement, and anywhere else include:

  • BMX bikes are durable and lightweight. They are made of chrome – molybdenum steel alloy – which has the certain quality of being extremely strong while still keeping its lightness. Such a perfect tool for stunt biking.
  • The BMX bikes usually have a 20-inch long top tube on its frame. This is smaller compared to standard road bikes with 40- to 45-inch top tube. Hence, stunt bikers can be able to swing the bike 360° in mid-air without falling hard and hitting the frame.
  • The wheels are also different from normal bikes. They vary based on the bike's purpose. Usually, the wheels are 20-inch in size and feature powerfully constructed rims for added durability.
  • BMX bikes do not actually use brakes a lot. Most are stopped using a foot on the rear wheel to give the friction needed. Especially the freestyle bikes, they require lots of spinning, therefore, normal brake cables are not really being utilized.
  • BMX features pegs that are connected to the front and rear wheels. You are not required to rest your foot like in a motocross bikes. Pegs are used by stunt riders for grinding on bars and rails.
  • One excellent benefit of owning BMX freestyle is that it is not necessarily needed for your bike to have pedaling efficiency. It is never used for biking on long distances. Also, it doesn't generally use a freewheel assembly.

What Makes Riding a BMX Bike Highly Beneficial? 

BMX tricks

Riding a motocross bike can provide you with numerous benefits. Aside from being a thrilling and challenging sport, BMX also conditions the cardiovascular system. Pedaling it will make use of your countless leg muscles which eventually helps in burning calories and keeping a healthy weight.

On the other hand, lifting the bike's handlebars for doing tricks can help build and tone arm muscles, which include triceps and biceps. You can fully enjoy an active lifestyle along with your family and friends.

Basic BMX Tricks for Beginners

Now that you have equipped yourself with the basic understanding about BMX bike, you are prepared to learn the basic BMX tricks for beginners. So, let's go now straight to the point.

BMX tricks just keep getting better and better over time. In spite of the newest trends that arrive and fade, these ones are classic that will never go away. Enjoy each BMX trick suited for new and coming BMX bikers!

What you will need:
  • A BMX bike
  • Protection (e.g. helmet, pads...)

Trick #1: Bunny Hop 

Involves leaping both the back and front wheels off the ground simultaneously.

  1. Ride at a slow speed.
  2. Rise the front wheel up by pulling in the handlebars.
  3. While in the air, push the handlebars frontward.
  4. Now, land the bike.

Trick #2: Disaster 

An excellent trick to help you get familiar to changing your weight between the bike’s back and front ends.

  1. Ride in the bike straight up the front of the transition.
  2. When you're almost at the top, do the J hop and spin 180°.
  3. Ensure the front wheel is hop back in and the back wheel is out of the pipe once you land on the surface.

Trick #3: J-Hop 

Can be performed by initially gathering the front tire and letting the back tire to follow.

  1. Pull up and lean back on your bike.
  2. Push forward as soon as the front wheel reached the desired height.
  3. Pull your bike towards you when both the wheels are in the air.

Trick #4: Bar Hop 

Performs by lifting both the feet over and up the handlebars, spearing them out straight beyond the front fender, and returning them over the bars before bringing them back to the pegs.

  1. Ride at a quick speed.
  2. Lift up your feet on the pedals.
  3. Balance the bike using your body.
  4. Fly your feet over the handlebars.

Trick #5: 180 

Allow you to turn 180 degrees while in the air.

  1. Ride at a modest pace.
  2. Raise the front tire by pulling the handlebars.
  3. While in the air, push forward the handlebars.
  4. Turn your head and shoulders towards the back tire and turn 180 degrees
  5. Hit your bike on the ground.

Trick #6: 360 

Allow you to turn 360 degrees while in the air.

  1. Ride your bike at a modest pace.
  2. Raise the front tire through pulling the handlebars.
  3. While in the air, push forward the handlebars.
  4. Twist your shoulders and head towards the back tire turn 360 degrees.
  5. Land the bike.

Trick #7: Wall Ride 

It is about riding on a veer or straight up step using both wheels.

  1. Ride your bike towards the wall at a modest pace.
  2. Perform some bunny hop on the wall.
  3. Lever the bike as you head to the wall.
  4. Lean from the wall away and then land the bike on the ground.

Trick #8: Bar Spin 

The biker throws the handlebars and twists them 360 degrees before gripping back on.

  1. Let your bicycle begin to roll.
  2. Using your inner thigh, nip the seat faintly.
  3. Lift up your front wheel by pulling on the handlebars.
  4. While your front wheel is off the ground, let the handlebars spin.
  5. Clasp the handlebars when they do a complete rotation.

Trick 9#: Bar Turn 

Allows you to fly out as well as jump and swing the handlebars in a smooth manner. It can be done in a drop or bunny hop, too.

  1. Do the jump.
  2. Use both your hands to turn the handlebars 90° while in the mid-air.
  3. Turn back your handlebars to normal position and allow your bike to hit the ground.

Some Advanced BMX Bike Tricks

Double Bar Spin 

It is such a challenging and advanced trick that includes two full bar rotations while in the air.

  1. Jump in a vertical manner.
  2. While in mid-air, catch the handlebars and immediately spin it again using your catching hand.
  3. Catch it again using your hands.
  4. Land on the surface.


Let yourself become a flying superhero with this BMX trick!

  1. On take-off, take away your feet from the pedal.
  2. Push up and forward the handlebars.
  3. Make your arms straight and push the bicycle in your front.
  4. Stretch out your legs. Make sure your body is corresponding to your bike.
  5. Put back your feet on the pedals.
  6. Level your bike.

Safety Caution for BMX Bikers

While doing BMX tricks sounds fun and exhilarating, don't forget that your safety is still important. With that in mind, follow these safety precautions to have a satisfying BMX ride.

  • Wear a helmet. The most crucial thing you can do to keep safe on the road is to wear a proper helmet. It must not be too loose or too tight and must not hinder your vision, though must cover most of your head.
  • Get the appropriate gears. Riders need to wear pants and long sleeves especially in areas where the risk of injury is higher. Also, wear shin guards and knee pads.
  • Wear the right shoes. Protecting your feet while cycling is also imperative. Choose sturdy shoes, not flip-flops or open-toed shoes because they can slip off.
  • Do not practice the tricks on traffic roads, ensure you perform the tricks at the right place.


BMX bikes are undoubtedly among the most sought-after these days due to the enjoyment and fun they give to the bikers. There are so many BMX tricks you can start with, but make sure to equip yourself with the right protective gears and clothing for complete safety all the time.

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