Benefits of Balance Bike to Your Kids

Balance bikes have hit the world in a bang as the best way to teach small children how to ride bikes. A balance bike looks like a normal bike with handlebars, two wheels, frame and seat. However, as the name suggests, it is a balance bike and it does not come with a chain, crank and pedals. Therefore, if you have a kid who is just starting biking, you should consider getting a balance bike as it would teach them the most important part of riding: how to balance. There are many benefits of balance bike offer to your beloved small kids; you can discover them as below.

What are the benefits balance bike bring to your kids?

Many benefits of balance bike which your kid can experience, they include:

Sharp riding skills

Kids who ride a balance bike at a tender age gather sharper riding skills than those who ride tricycles.  It is not a surprise for kids who use balance bikes to start riding pedal bikes at the age of three compared to training wheel riders at the age of 5 or 6. In addition, it is generally easier to advance a balance wheel rider into a pedal rider. This is because they have already gained the most important skill in the process – balancing. It is very simple to have your kid ride a balance bike, as you do not need to hold their seat or push them around. All you need to do is to watch as they learn the ropes by themselves.


Riding a balance bike is safer than tricycles and training wheels. Tricycles are not only complicated, but also are difficult to maneuver around corners. In addition, they have a high probability of tipping over when riding on uneven surfaces. Unfortunately, children riding a tricycle focus on pedaling rather than balancing. Therefore, a balance bike prepares your kid for balance and thus, they are less likely to fall when they upgrade to other advanced bikes later in life.

Great economics

It is unfortunate that many parents refrain from buying a balance bike thinking that it is a waste of money.  However, a balance bike can negate the need for a tri-cycle with training wheels. Therefore, you should consider investing your money on balance bikes, as they will provide you with much value in the long term. In addition, when having a balance bike, you will not see the need for a 12’ bike. Your kid can just progress from a balance bike to a fully-fledged bike in no time.


Many parents have trouble trying to take their kids out to play. With a balance bike however, your kids will find viable reasons to get out and play. In fact, they will start nagging you to take them out to ride the bike.  Kids like having both fun and a feeling of accomplishment and by riding a bike, they are able to get that.  It is not just the act of attracting other kids but just having fun at the park. With those reactions, kids quickly learn that there is something cool about riding their bike. 

Great family time

Balance bikes are one of the tools that family members use to go out and explore outdoor fun. The bikes can enable your kid to cruise alongside walks and roads in your neighborhood with a lot of excitement. As a result, they are able to please their parents and siblings alike. In addition, balance bikes are very portable. This is because they do not come with pedals and thus, you can easily throw it on a car boot or accessories basket.  This is important for it can allow them to be carried to amusement parks or vacation destinations. 

Factors to consider when choosing a balance bike

Balance bikes are one of the most challenging products to purchase. This is because there are many manufacturers in the market that sell very similar products. As a result, it could be very hard for you to identify the right bike in the market. The factors to consider when buying a balance bike include:


Your balance bike of choice should have a high quality to ensure that it cannot only last long, but also provide your kid with a trouble free service. You should check both the quality of the materials used to build the bike as well as the design. In addition, a good balance bike should feel firm and stable. This is to support the weight of the kid as well as to keep a straight motion.


Price is another parameter that you need to look at when buying a balance bike. You should ensure that the price falls within your budget but at the same time, avoid the absurdly cheap bikes in the market. This is because most of them are lacking in quality and performance.


Before you go out shopping for a balance bike, it is important to ensure that it comes in the right size. This is to ensure that your kid will be comfortable and safe while trying it out. Have your kid try out the bikes at the store and make sure that their feet can touch the ground with ease. 

How to keep your kid safe on a balance bike

While your kid is riding the bike, you need to make sure that they are safe. You can follow the steps below:

Need watch over your kids when they riding

  • Watch over your kid. As your kid is riding the bike, it is advisable to watch over them. This is to ensure that they will not venture out of safety and go to the road or ride near a ditch.
  • Let them ride on a flat surface. The best place to try out a balance bike is on a flat surface. This is to ensure that they will not accelerate uncontrollably or be forced down to hazardous places.
  • Have them wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet is an important step in ensuring that your kid is safe while riding a balance bike. Should they fall down; the helmet will prevent serious head injuries.


Balance bikes are very important for they help a kid learn how to balance on a bike. In addition, they are fun to ride and your kid will love them a lot.  Therefore, it is important to get one for your kid so that they can have a feel of what balancing on a bike feels. And, with the benefits of balance bike offer to you kids, we think your kids and you also will have great time together.

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