A Look at the Best Bike Brands


Nowadays, it is absolutely easy to find any type of bike in the market. This is because there are many options for people to choose from; ranging from the simple bikes to the most complex and from the cheap bikes to expensive bikes you can find. This is mostly because different manufacturers are outdoing one another in regard to the type of bike that they have to offer. In this article, we are going to look at the best bike brands in America.

Please be noted that we arrange the sequence of the brands below follow alphabet letters, we did not put/rated any brand higher others.

The Introduction of the Top 10 Best Bike Brands 

1. Critical cycles

Critical cycles is one of the most notable names in the field of mountain and speed bikes. Although they used to be major in produce single speed bikes. The company boosts of high quality bikes that are spread across different price ranges.  The company was started in the 1980s and since then, it has been providing high quality bikes into the market. One of the reasons why this company has made a big name in the market is because it has high quality products. Critical cycles are respected by many people because of this.

Some of their strong points are that they manufacture bikes of all types. This means that just anyone can be able to find the right bike when it comes to this company. And, even the simplest bike in their stable will be able to last from a long time. The good thing is that, the company has been able to prove itself in the market

2. Diamondback bicycles

Diamondback Bike Company is based at Kent, Washington. The company was started in 1977 as a BMX manufacturing center and after several years, they introduced the other types of bikes that they have in their product line.  Over the years, Diamondback has been perfecting their art by coming up with innovative models that meets the needs of their consumers. With that, they have managed to maintain a big segment of the market. Largely, most Diamondback Cycles' bikes are mid-level but there are some variants of the bike that are made of high quality materials and standards. Diamondback has developed a superior line of quality bikes that are known for performance and durability. These bikes have been available since the year 2011.

The good thing with Diamondback Cycles is that they have high quality construction and thus, are able to last for a long time. You will also find great bikes for both men and women in their line and this will make your shopping easy.

3. Firmstrong cycles

Firmstrong cycles are also one of the top bike brands in the world. The company has been in operation since the late 90s and since then, they have built a stable reputation as one of the top bike manufacturers in the world. They have all types of bikes that serve different purposes in the market. Firmstrong bikes have evolved over the years to suit the growing needs in the market. As we look at best bike brands, it is very difficult to ignore Firmstrong cycles because of their innovative designs and impeccable quality that they input in all their products.  This fact has made them a good name that ensures that they can achieve the best performance and value.

In addition, Firmstrong bikes come in many models but the most common denominator is that they are made of strong but lightweight materials. This ensures that the ride has an easy time moving the bike while at the same time; the strength of the bikes can withstand heavy weight of a rider.  This combination leads to strong, durable bikes that are easy to ride.

4. Giant

Giant is the world’s largest bike making company with headquarters in Taiwan. It sells bikes the world over and has different types of bikes for the consumer.  The company was established in 1972 and operated underground until 1977 when it struck a deal with Schwinn bikes to be providing bikes under the brand name.  For years to come, giant would make bikes and deliver to Schwinn which sold them under their own brand names.  When workers at the Schwinn's Chicago factory went on strike, most of the bikes that was sold under Schwinn brand name came from Giant. From 1987, Giant started providing the bike from and above $200 to market by their brand name.

The Giant bikes are very strong and durable. In fact, they are very popular for off road applications.  

5. Mongoose

Mongoose Bike Company started operations in 1974 as a BMX company with their first product being a one wheel cycle known as the Motomag. The Californian based company took off with a series of   bikes that struck the market with a thud. When the company grew to its maximum size, it had employed about 85 people who were actively getting involved in its operations. The company has since made hundreds of thousands of bikes. Their bikes come in various options and both adults as well the young can find the right type of bike.

The brand Mongoose became popular because of their high quality bikes that were loved by many not only because of their practicality but also because they met the expectations of the market. The bikes were durable as well.

6. Sixthreezero

Sixthreezero is one of the most popular bike company was started in 1994 and has been creating high quality bikes ever since. The company is reputable with amazing innovations in the biking industry.  Their premium bikes normally consist of high quality bikes that are reputable with great performances. You can easily find these bikes in local stores near you.

7. Schwinn 

Schwinn Bike Company was founded in Chicago by Ignaz Schwinn in 1895.  At that that time, there was no bike company in the world and the only bikes available were being made in peoples home.  Such a time, the makers of the bikes could only sell them to the people nearby. The company dominated the market for over a century before being declared bankrupt in the year 1992. Since then, it was purchased by pacific cycles who have kept the brand alive in the last century. Schwinn has ever since been named as one of the most popular bikes in the world.  

Their bikes are strong and highly performing. In addition, they are loved by people the world over. You can find Schwinn bikes almost anywhere in the world.

8. Specialized bikes

Specialized is an American bike company that manufactures and markets bicycles around the world. The brand was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. The company makes parts from scratch before assembling them into a complete bicycle. They have a well-equipped factory at Morgan Hill, California. They are able to manufacture and fabricate materials that are needed in the bike manufacture. The good thing about specialized is that parts are interchangeable and widely available in the market. You can find Specialized bikes widely and are available both in adult and kid bike categories.

Many people like Specialized bikes because they are of high quality construction and lightweight. As a result, they can be ridden for long distances without either tiring the rider or breaking down. That is part of the reason why these bikes are used in races the world over.

9. Trek bikes

Trek is an American bike company that is reputable with making high quality bikes. The company was founded in 1975 and since then, has been actively involved in the manufacture of bikes with brand names: Gary Fisher, Diamant, Electra, Bontrager and Villiger. The company started small but after years, it created a big factory that was able to supply bikes around the world. Trek bikes are sold in over 90 countries around the world but today, over 99% of the products are built in the Netherlands, Germany and china. They however have the quality and specifications of the brand.

Bikes from Trek are made of high quality materials and construction. Furthermore, they are made for both adults and the young. You can find them at the local shops with much ease.  

10. Vilano

Vilano is reputable with affordable bikes in all segments. The company was started in the late 1980s and from that time, they have not disappointed in making bikes. You will find that Vilano bikes are available in most stores around the world. However, you should not think that their products are low quality.  Vilano bikes are made of high quality materials and construction and this enables them to have a good performance.

Their bikes are lightweight and agile. They are loved for their sporty theme and ease of riding.


Bikers today have an easy time because there many bike brands in the world to choose from. The good thing is that they come at a wide range of prices that meet the needs of the clients.

 If you have anything to add to the list, feel free to make a comment below.

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