The Best Bike Helmets in the Market

A bike helmet is a type of protective equipment that is worn on the head to minimize impact in case of a fall while at the same time reducing interference with the riders comfort and peripheral vision.  There are many types of biking helmets in the market that come in different designs and construction. The best helmet manufacturers in the market design helmets that come with the right safety and quality standards. You can easily find best bike helmets for both the kid and the adult bikers.

Reason Why You Should Choose the Best Bike Helmets

Bike helmets come in different design and construction. However, there is the need for biker to get the best helmets in the market as it has many benefits. The reasons why you should get the best bike helmets include:

  • Durability. The best bikes in the market are constructed using high quality materials that last for a long time. This means that, when you buy the helmets, you are assured that they will serve you for a long time without wearing out.  
  • Great design. The other reason why you need to buy the best biking helmets in the market is because they come in great design and construction. This means that, the helmet will look great on your head as you bike and this will improve the general feel.
  • Great peripheral view. The best bike helmets in the market are made with a design that allows great periphery view. This makes it possible for you to see the front of the bike as you ride and as a result, it will be easier for you to move on the road.
  • Lightweight. Many biker prefer to have lightweight gear that makes it easy for them to move on the road. High quality helmets are lightweight and therefore, they do not weigh heavily on the head of the biker. As a result, it makes it easier for these biker to move on the road with much ease. With a high quality helmet, the biker can be able to ride for long distances without feeling tired.
  • Great value for money. The best biking helmets in the market offer great a value for money as they offer the biker with a great service and for a long time.  The good thing is that most of the best biking helmets in the market are able to deliver good value for the user.  
  • Improved protection. The amount of head protection greatly increases with the use of helmets. This is because the best quality helmets are made with materials and designs that promote safety for the order. Incase of an accident that causes the biker to fall, the helmet is able to absorb impact well and therefore, be able to protect the biker from suffering serious injuries on the head.
  • Comfortable on the head. The best helmets are also comfortable on the head. This is because the best helmets are designed to fit well with the shape of the biker’s head. As a result, you will feel more comfortable in a higher quality helmet.

The Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Bike Helmets

Although there are many good biking helmets in the market, we have come up with a list of the helmets that we think are the best based on quality, design, price and good looks.

Man Chooses Helmet For Cycling

However, there are some thing you need to consider when choosing a good bike helmet, such as below advices:

  • Don’t look for a helmet with a visor.  If you will be doing biking on the road, it is advisable not to go for a helmet with a visor. This is because the visor will just act as a wind catcher and when moving at higher speeds, the helmet will be very uncomfortable on the road. Furthermore, the visor will negatively affect the looks of the helmet and thus reduce your coolness.
  • Do not buy secondhand helmets that are more than 3 years.  One of the don’ts that you need to avoid when buying helmets is going for the ones that are more than 3 years old. This is because the form that is installed on the helmet do breakdown with time and thus cause alot of damages. To avoid all speculations, it is important to just buy the helmets new.  This will ensure that you are getting something that will offer you with enough protection incase you have an accident while biking.
  • When thinking of buying a helmet, you should consider going to your local store first where you can try out the different types of helmets that they have on the store. In the process, you are going to find out the types of color, design and the feel that you like. If you are comfortable with the helmet in the first instance, you will be comfortable wearing it in the long haul. It would be very difficult wearing a helmet that you are not comfortable with as this can give you some discomforts. Therefore, trying out the helmet will help out in the process.
  • Know the shape of your head.  There are many types of head shapes available. Bike helmet manufacturers normally pay attention to these shapes so that their products can fit well on the users.  Therefore, it is advisable to find a helmet that suits the shape of your head. To do this, you need to try the helmets, adjust the strap and buckle them up to ensure that they fit well. With that, you will be comfortable with the helmet. Generally, you will find that Giro is ideal for oval shapes while Specialized are perfect for rounded shapes. However, there are many other products to choose from.
  • Consider the affordable options first. One of the things to consider when   buying a helmet is the affordable options. You can find very good helmets in the price range of between $20 to $70. For example, you can find a Kali Chakra biking helmets at the price range of $50. This is important for it will give you great value while at the same time saving your money.

The Best Bike Helmets in the Market

Although there are many good biking helmets in the market, we have come up with a list of the helmets that we think are the best based on quality, design, price and good looks. The helmets include:

1. Schwinn Thrasher Helmet – The most popular product!

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet

Just like in their bikes, Schwinn has invested a lot of efforts in creating bike helmets that not only appeal to the general public but also are practical to use. As a result, the company designed the Schwinn Thrasher helmet that is reputable with durability, great design as well as a reasonable pricing. The product is designed for adults and comes with a dual fit design. This means that the helmet can easily fit on any type of head. Also, to keep the biker cool, the helmet comes with an integrated 21 flow vents that allow air to get into the scalp of the order. This helps keep him cool even on hot summer days. In addition, the helmet has moisture wicking pads that keep the user dry. To ensure that the helmet can fit different people, it has easily adjustable webbing that conform to the wearers head.  To provide shading, the helmet comes with an in built visor.


  • 21 flow vents to keep biker cool
  • Has a dual fit adjustable design
  • Built in visor
  • Moisture wicking pads
  • Easy to adjust webbing


  • Lightweight helmet
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable
  • Great protection rating


  • Not ideal for children

2. Giro Revel Bike Helmet - Great product!

Giro Revel Bike Helmet

The Giro revel bike helmet is one of the best products that people can use to protect themselves while riding a bike. Giro is reputable with creating high quality products that meet people’s expectations.  The revel comes with a 22 vents that aerate the bikers head. As a result, the bikers are able to stay cool even in hot riding days. In addition, the helmets are fitted with a Roc Lock fit system that allows it to hold onto the bikers head with ease. As a result, you can rest assured that the helmet will not come off in an event of an impact. Also, the Revel is made of a very durable polycarbonate that lasts for a very long time. This ensures that the helmet can serve you for a long time without breaking down.


  • 22 cooling vents
  • Roc Lock sports fitting system
  • Polycarbonate shell with a liner
  • Snap visor with reinforced  anchors
  • Reflective rear


  • Lightweight helmet
  • Great value for money
  • Strong and durable material


  • Cannot shield biker from rain

3. GoMax Aero Adult Safety Helmet - The most rated product!

GoMax Aero Adult Safety Helmet

GoMax is one of the top biking helmets in the market owing to its great design and solid construction. The helmet boosts of great protection for riders while at the same time lasting for a long time.  The helmet comes with an aerodynamic design that enables it to cut through air as you are riding your bike. This means that, the Aero does not have a drag and will not pull you back as you are riding the bike. The dual fit adjustable system makes it easy to fit the helmet on your head. In addition, it quickens the process. With a rear led light system, oncoming motorists can be able to see you with ease. The helmet is also fitted with a 22 vent system that enables aeration and aerodynamic properties with ease.  This makes it possible for riders to move on the road with ease.  


  • Mold polycarbonate shell
  • gray EPS liner for shock protection
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • rear LED light system
  • 22 vent system


  • Lightweight helmet
  • Great value for money
  • Great cooling ability
  • Durable product


  • Cannot protect you from rain

4. Schwinn Women's Thrasher Helmet – Best bike helmets for women!

 Schwinn Women's Thrasher Helmet

For the second time in this article, schwinn has made it into our list of the top biking helmets. This time, it is women’s product. The women’s thrasher helmet comes with 100% adjustments for both the large and small heads. This means that no matter the size of your head, you can be able to use this helmet for protection while cycling. Also, it comes with side strap adjusters that help maintain a perfect fit on the head. You can adjust the helmet based on your fitting requirements. Also, the Thrasher is fitted with 20 flow vents that help you keep cool in warm weather. This can prevent you from overheating your head in hot days. The helmet also comes with heat sealed pads for durability and comfort. Lastly, it has a removable visor that protects you from the elements


  • Easy adjustable  system
  • Side strap adjusters for a better fit
  • Heat sealed pads
  • 20 flow vents
  • Removable visor that protects you from the elements


  • Lightweight design
  • High quality construction
  • Durable helmet
  • Comfortable on the head


  • Not water proof

How to Wear a Bike Helmet in the Right Manner

There are many people who get injured while riding their bicycles simply because they did not wear their helmets correctly.  Getting the best bike helmet in the market is not enough. You need to do more than that by learning the right ways to wear your helmet. In this segment, we are going to look at the best ways to wear a biking helmet. A biking helmet has the potential to reduce head injury by as much as 85%. Unfortunately, a wrongly worn biking helmet can reduce this protection by a large margin.  Worse still, you will find parents insisting that their kids should wear helmets but to the contrary, they are not wearing one.

Bike helmets need to sit comfortably and squarely on the head with the front of the helmet low enough to protect the forehead. Also, the straps should be fastened clearly just in front and below the ears with no slack in the system. If a bike helmet is loosely fastened on the head, it can ether slide back on the head exposing the forehead or fall off during a crash. This can lead to serious injuries on the biker.

After wearing the helmet, it is important to look at the fit against a mirror. This is to ensure that the helmet fits well and is secure on your head.  You also need to slowly rotate the helmet from front to back and from side to side.  If it is comfortable on the head and your skin moves along with the helmet, it is a perfect fit. However if you find that the helmet is too loose, you need to adjust it.

It is however important to note that old helmets are not able to maintain their fit and therefore, you should replace them.

You can refer the below video on YouTube to learn how to wear the helmet correctly.


Biking helmets are very important for any biker out there for they offer great protection against injuries. However, there is need to buy the best bike helmets on the market so that you can get great value and protection. There are many types of helmets in the market and choosing the best one based of quality, protection, design and durability will make all the difference. Above, we have covered some of the helmets that we thin are the best in the market.  They provide the best value based on the information above.

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