A Look at the Best Cycling Shoes in the Market

I know most of you have tried to ride your bikes barefoot and discovered how hard it is to do that. Therefore, cycling shoes are a must if you have to hit the road with your bike. Cycling shoes comes in many varieties and types. This leaves buyers confused as they do not know the best cycling shoes to go for. This leaves many disappointed since they buy the wrong shoes. In this review however, we are going to look at the best cycling shoes in the market and hopefully, it will act as your guide when going to buy cycling shoes. At the end, you will have an idea of what the right cycling shoes should look like, the design, features and the prices to expect.

Why should you go for the best cycling shoes?

Some people may ask why they should go for the best cycling shoes in the market. The right cycling shoes are designed in a manner that they make it very convenient for a biker to pedal the bike.  The shoes come with the following features:

  • Comfort. There is nothing important in cycling than comfort. The designer's target is creating a cycling shoes with comfort in the mind. This ensures that the biker can feel good when wearing the shoes and thus be able to concentrate on their riding.
  • Protection. There are times when you will need to stop your bike in one go and put your legs on the ground. This can happen when riding on rocks or even places where you can step on thorns. The best cycling shoes should be tough enough to protect you against thorns and other obstacles on the road. Also, the shoes should be solid to offer your feet with adequate protection in case of a crash.
  • Have better grip on the pedals. There are many shoes in the market that come with a wide range of designs. Cycling shoes in particular offer better grip on the pedals when you compare to other shoes in the market. For example, when riding a bike with sandals, open shoes and others, you are not able to grip on the pedals with ease.
  • Durability. Unlike other types of shoes in the market, biking shoes show a higher degree of durability in biking than others. This ensures that they can serve you for a long time to come.

The best cycling shoes in the market:

Similar to bicycle, cycling shoes also have many different types, and each has it own role for different style of cycling. Below we will list out some major kinds of cycling shoes in the market currently.

Best commuting cycling shoes

Giro Carbide

Giro Carbide - Amazon.com

The Giro Carbide is one of the best commuting cycling shoes in the market for it comes with amazing features and construction that enable it to function as it should. Besides the price, Many people love the Giro Carbide because of its functionality and characteristics. This is attributable to the features that it has. The Giro Carbide biking shoes is made of a synthetic fiber that allows it to take its unique characteristics. Furthermore, the shoes come with some 3 straps closure that allows the user to wear or remove it with much ease. In addition, you will find that the Giro Carbide comes with an injection nylon outsole that stretches very well when riding a bike. To reduce chances of infection due to sweat, the shoe comes with an EVA footbed that is treated with a microbial agent that kills all the germs that occur in the shoes. Lastly, they are lightweight at only 1. lbs. this makes it easy for the biker to move on the road without feeling that the shoes are weighing down on them.


  • Durable high quality shoes.
  • Lightweight shoes.
  • Can be used for other sporty games.


  • Some consumers said that it smaller the compare with the size.

Shimano Men’s Commuter Recessed SPD cycling shoe

Shimano Men’s Commuter Recessed SPD cycling shoe - Amazon.com

The Shimano Men’s Commuter Recessed SPD cycling shoe is another alternative that you have when it comes to gears for riding your bike. The shoe come with synthetic material that is both soft and durable. Also, it is important to acknowledge that the Shimano SPD cycling shoe is very comfortable. This is because it is made with a soft innersole that cushions the biker from any hardness on the road. This is important for it enables one to be comfortable even when pressing on the pedal hard. Also, the shoe comes with an inner shank plate that allows you to transfer maximum power to your pedal. The Shimano Recessed SPD shoes also come with a high level of versatility as they can be used to walk with ease. The top of the shoe is made of a suede top that is very comfortable. This material is not only very durable but also, comfortable for daily commuting. It is also fitted with ventilation characteristics that helps keep the biker’s feet cool on the road. Lastly the shoe is easy to use as it clips on the pedals with ease. This makes it easy for bikers to ride their bike both in a casual or aggressive manner.


  • Easy to use.
  • Long lasting shoes.
  • High quality.
  • Can be used for different functions.


  • Not ideal for walk on wet roads.

Pearl iZUMi Seek VII Cycling shoes - Amazon.com

The Pearl Izumi is another shoe that offers great service for bikers who are looking for comfort and performance commuting cycling shoe. The shoe is made of synthetic and textile that is flexible enough to take the characteristics of the biker’s feet. In addition, the shoes come with a synthetic sole. This makes it comfortable for the biker to press hard on the pedal. Also, the Pearl iZUMi comes with a low cut construction that gives the feet a good fit. The Pearl iZUMi Seek VII also comes with a composite fiber injected nylon that gives it a firm presses on the pedal. This makes things easy for bikers as they can do both simple and hard moves on the road. The Pearl iZUMi biking shoe has an inner sole that is designed for comfort. Therefore, people also can you it for off bike walking. The carbon rubber outer sole that help to enhances grip and traction on the shoe. This is very important for it enables the shoe adhere to the pedals when riding the bike.


  • Simple to use shoes.
  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.


  • Some consumers feel it a little narrow compare with others shoe in the same size.

Best mountain bike shoes

Giro Rumble

Giro Rumble mountain bike shoe - Amazon.com

The Giro Rumble is a versatile biking shoe that is made of leather and includes a superior design and construction. The shoe is also one of the lightest biking shoes in the market as it only weighs 425 grams. This is important for it makes riding on the trail easily. The outsole is made of a flexible rubber that is reputable with durability, comfort and agility. This helps bikers feel comfortable and avoid fatigue on the mountain bike trail. Also, the Giro Rumble has a shank that enables you to give the pedal a good push. In addition, the shoe has breathable mesh that ventilates the biker’s foot thereby making him feel cool. And with an EVA midsole, the biker feels comfortable while riding and walking. This makes it easy to go for the biker to cover long distances.


  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Durable.
  • Flexible.
  • Can be used for other roles.


  • Not ideal for long distance walking.

Shimano XC31 mountain bike shoe

Shimano XC31 mountain bike shoe - Amazon.com

The Shimano XC31 mountain bike shoe is a leather biking shoe that is reputable with superior features and qualities. It come with a sole that is able to shed off mud deposits and thus, is ideal to use in areas where there is rain. Fiberglass sole brings a perfect balance of compliance and great strength. Also, the shoe comes with a Shimano Dynalast that firmly secures the foot as you are doing an upstroke. This is very important for it makes riding a bike easy and fast. Synthetic leather construction on the top of the shoe makes it more durable. Lastly, the inclusion of an adaptable inner sole makes the shoe suitable for a wide range of foot shapes.


  • Simple to wear shoes.
  • Long lasting construction.
  • Affordable shoe.
  • Comfortable.


  • Not water proof.

Tommaso Montagna 100 mountain bike shoe

Tommaso Montagna 100 mountain bike shoe - Amazon.com

Tommaso Montagna 100 mountain bike shoe is another biking shoe that you can go for in the market. This is because it is loaded with a lot of good features. The shoe has a sole that is reinforced with fiberglass. This increases power in every stroke. The use of durable synthetic leather for the shoe makes it comfortable. As a result, bikers are able to do long distance rides on their bikes.  The Montagna is also versatile as it can be used for racing, normal riding as well as cruising. This shoe also features a 100% fit guarantee as the sole takes the shape of the consumer’s foot.


  • Comfortable shoe.
  • Value for money.
  • Versatile biking shoe.


  • Does not have water resistance function.

Best road cycling shoes

Giro E70 Road biking shoe

Giro E70 Road biking shoe - Amazon.com

The leather Giro E70 shoe is one of the lightest road biking shoes in the market. It weighs 275 grams and this makes it very comfortable for bikers to do long distance cycling. Also, the Giro E70 shoe comes with a supernatural fit kit that has an adjustable arch support. Also, the shoe includes a carbon composite so that it can last for a long time.  In addition, it comes with a low profile offset straps that make it easy for you to strap the shoe. Moreover, strong and secure ratcheting n-1 buckle closure and n-2 strap help to keep the shoes always well tight with the feet.


  • Easy strapping and use.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable.


  • Not too comfortable for walk on long distances.

Fizik R5 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoes

Fizik R5 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoes - Amazon.com

The Fizik R5 UOMO BOA Road Cycling Shoe is one of the top cycling shoes in the market. This is because it is made of top quality materials and design and thus, are rated as luxury biking shoes. The shoe comes with a perforated microtex upper that helps keep the biker’s feet cool on the road.  Also, the shoe has a biking outsole that is made of carbon. This ensures that it can last for a long time. To enable the biker be seen on the road, the Fizik R5 UOMO BOA comes with a reflective surface on the heel. This makes the biker more visible on the road at night. The shoe also comes with a BOA IP1 closure system that is very easy to operate on tighten the shoe lace.


  • Comfortable shoes
  • Long lasting with good upper and sole material.
  • Good looking shoes
  • Quick operation with BOA closure system.


  • Not suitable for multi sports using.

How to choose the best cycling shoes

Although many people would like to get the best cycling shoes available, some fail to get them because they lack knowledge on the features to look for. Therefore, we are going to look at how to look for the best cycling shoes in this segment. The features to consider include:

  • Size. You need to get biking shoes of the right size. This is to ensure that you are not only comfortable wearing the shoes but also, are ideal for riding your bike.
  • Design. When it comes to design, you need to go for the shoes that appeals to your eyes. This is because the different types of shoes in the market come in different designs and colors. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the ones that you like.
  • Price. Different cycling shoes come at different prices. It is therefore advisable to go for the ones that have a price that you can afford. This is to make things easy for you.
  • Function. There are cycling shoes for winter and summer. You need to identify the role that you want them to play so that you can determine the one to go for.
  • Riding style. You need to look at your riding style before buying cycling shoes. This is because there are some shoes that are dedicated to either off-road biking or cruising. Such as you can see that road bike shoes will different to mountain bike shoes or normal commuting biking shoes.


Buying cycling shoes can be easy when you understand the features to look for. With the above list, we hope that you now have a better understanding of the cycling shoes available on the market. However, you need to choose the one that suits your needs the most. Nowadays, cycling shoes become a most important cycling gear which biker always need.

If you have something to add to this topic, you can feel free to talk to us. Kindly make a comment below this article.

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