A Look at the Best Kid’s Bike Helmet

A kid’s bike helmet is a head gear that is designed to reduce the effects of impacts when the biker falls while at the same time not interfering with the front vision of the biker. Unlike adults, kids are at a bigger risk of falling since they have not mastered the art of bike balancing and control. Therefore, there is need to have the right kid bike helmets for your children. There are many kid helmets in the market and therefore, it is wise to choose the best ones.  Knowing which is the best kid's bike helmet will help you in making the right choice. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best helmets for kids in the market.

The importance of wearing bike helmet for kids

Before your kids hits the road with their bikes, it is important to ensure that they are wearing a helmet. This is because a bike helmet offers a lot of advantages to the kids. This includes:

  • Preventing head injures.  A kid's bike helmet is designed to absorb impacts incase of a fall when riding a bike. This is because it is made with a shock absorbent form that reduces shock to the head. This helps mitigate chances serious head injuries on your kid.  When your kid is wearing a helmet, he is 80% less likely to suffer a serious head injury incase they fell down when riding the bike.
  • Improved visibility.  One of the main causes of bike accidents on the road is because motorist is not able to see cyclists on the road. The situation becomes worse in the case of foggy weather that greatly reduces visibility on the road. Therefore, there is need to have your kids wearing a helmet so that they can become more visible n the road.  A kid helmet has a reflective strip that ensures that your kid well visible on the road. When buying a kid helmet, it is important to look at this factor as well.
  • Weather protection.  Although many people do not take their bikes out during harsh weather conditions, there are situations that can force you to ride your bike in such weather.  For example, when riding your bike for long distances, you might find that the weather changes into the harsher side. Luckily, your kid biking helmet might come in handy in protecting them from rain, snow and very hot sun light.
  • Look good. A kid’s biking helmet completes the gear for bikers. This is because it makes the kid look complete nice when riding a bike. As a result, it is important to have your child wear a biking helmet when going out to ride their bike.

Whether you are just going out for a simple excursion or  taking your kids for a biking trip, it is absolutely important that they wear a kid helmet not only for their own safety but also because it is a requirement by the law that all cyclists have their helmets on before taking their bikes out.

The Best Kid’s Bike Helmets on the Market

Bell Rally is one of the most notable child helmets in the market and has grown to become very popular. The Rally has been customized for children as it fits head sizes of between 52-56 cm. also; the helmet has been made easy for children as it has one step fitting mechanism. This makes it possible for children to fit it on the head with ease.  The Rally also comes with a pinch guard that ensures a pinch free buckling. This protects the tender fingers of the children from getting pinched by the buckle. The built in visor helps shield the wearer from the effects of the hot sunlight. And to enable adequate cooling on hot weather, the helmet is fitted with 11 vents. These vents allow good air flow to the head of the young biker.  


  • Lightweight helmet
  • Beautiful
  • Safe for young bikers
  • Durable product


  • Cannot shield from the rain

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

The versatile Razor V-17 Youth Multi Sport Helmet is designed for different functions. It can play important roles in biking, skating and a bunch of other games.  To make the helmet comfortable for all, the Razor is fitted with an ergonomic padding that feels very soft on the wearers head.  When you are riding your bike on hot days, you can keep cool through the available 17 vents on the top and the side of the helmet. This makes it possible for you to keep cool while riding the bike on very hot days. Also, the manufacturer of the Razor has taken into consideration that children requires buckles that are easy to fasten.  As a result, they have come up with a side release buckle that makes it easy to fasten. However, it is important to note that this helmet fits heads that are between 21 to 23 inches big.


  • Lightweight helmet
  • Very durable
  • Can be used for many games
  • Beautiful looking


  • Difficult to adjust fit for small heads.

Schwinn Thrasher Youth

Schwinn has not disappointed when it comes to the design and construction of biking helmets. The Thrasher line is also designed for adults and is characterized by an innovative and durable design. Schwinn Thrasher Youth is designed for young children who are trying out their skills in biking.  The helmet features 20 flow vents that are aimed at keeping your head cool during hot days. Also, the helmet has a dial fit retention system that allows adjustments while on the move. In addition, the helmet has side adjusters that allow for proper fit. To protect you from the elements, the helmet comes with a snap on visor. This visor is easy to attach on the helmet and allows users to have an easy time when riding their bike. To enhance airflow, the helmet comes with a rear exhaust that helps move air over your head.  


  • Comfortable helmet
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Beautiful


  • Cannot shield biker from the rain

Best Infant Bike Helmets

Giro Me2 infant bike helmet

Giro Me2 infant bike helmet is one of the top products in the market that is designed to offer infant children with protection as they ride their bikes. The Giro Me2 toddler bike helmet is designed for both practicality and design. First, this product comes with a great design that features children patterns. As a result, it is very attractive to the children. Also, the Giro Me2 bike helmet comes with a mini lock fit system that is easy to fasten on the little ones heads.  In addition, the Giro Me2 infant bike helmet comes with a microshell bug net that is very soft on the users head. And to keep the biker’s head cool, the helmet comes with 6 vents that help air pass through with ease. This cools down the head of the little kids especially during summer months. And for safety purposes, the helmet comes with a pinch free buckle that helps protect the tender fingers of the babies.


  • High quality construction
  • Durable helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable on the head


  • Not water proof
Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell helmet

Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell helmet is another product from Schwinn that is aimed at the toddlers who are learning how to ride bicycles. Unlike older children, toddlers have not learnt the art of balancing and controlling their bikes and thus are at a much higher risks of falling and getting into accidents. Schwinn Toddler Classic comes with amazing features that sets it apart from the other helmets in the market.  To begin with, this helmet comes with 10 flow vents that keep the young bikers cool during hot weather.  Dial easy fit retention is also available for easy adjustment of the helmet. This makes it easy for quick adjustments even when the biker is moving. Also, the Schwinn Toddler Classic helmet comes with an extended coverage that offers increased safety. To protect the toddler from the hot sun, this helmet is fitted with a sun brim. This enables the biker to be comfortable when riding the bike.


  • Comfortable helmet
  • Fits on heads of different shapes
  • Soft cushion on the inside
  • Durable helmet


  • Cannot fit on older children.

Bell helmet company is highly reputable with superior products and amazing quality. That is why the company boosts of the versatile infant bike helmet that comes with a self adjusting true fit feature.  It fits perfectly on heads that are about 47-52 cm. Also, the helmet comes with 7 top vents that help keep the little ones heads cool during hot summer days. As a result, the bikers can burn calories without feeling the heat of the day. On the other hand, there are some hi-impact reflectors that improve visibility on the road. Also, the availability of pinch guards prevents the little children’s fingers from getting injuries when buckling the helmets.  And to have increased protection, the helmets have been extended on the rear. This supports the kids even when they fall on the rear side.


  • Comfortable helmet
  • Easily adjust for fit with the head
  • Safe for kids
  • Durable helmet


  • A little small for big children.

Best Lovely Kid's Helmets Collection

Some of special kid's bike helmets was disign with the attractive appearance, it will make your kids more interesting whenever they put a lovely helment on their head and start the ride.

One of the brand which produce these model of kid's bike helmet is Razkullz, you can take a look on their great products. These helmets not only protect your kids, but they also help your kids look great when wear them.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Kid's Bike Helmets

Getting a kid helmet is an arduous task that requires time and knowledge.  This is because kid helmets are very important in preventing head injuries when they are involved in an accident. The good thing is that, there are many types of kid's bike helmets in the market. However, to choose the best, you need to master the different factors that you need to consider in the process. Below, we will look at those factors. They include:

  • Quality. It is important to go for a biking helmet that is of a high quality. This is because the helmet will last for long and offer your kids with a higher level of protection.  
  • Safety measures. The helmet that you choose to buy in the market must pass some level of safety rating so that they can offer good protection to the kids while riding their bikes. Therefore, it is important to consider the safety ratings on the helmets before you can consider whether to purchase them or not. Helmets with DOT, CPSC, SNELL and ASTM ratings are considered as the best in the market.
  • Head size and shape. Different helmet manufacturers offer different types of products in the market. These products are meant for children with varying head sizes and shapes. A helmet that is either too big or too small might feel uncomfortable on your kid’s head. Furthermore, it might not be able to offer full protection incase of an accident.  Also, kid heads can either be round or square, therefore it is advisable to find the helmet that will ft on your kid’s head with ease.  
  • The construction. There are two types of helmet constructions that are available in the market. By understanding the construction, you can be able to determine the type of helmet that is going to offer your kid with the best protection.  A helmet can either have a hard shell or an in mould construction. A hard shell helmet offers better safety than the other types of helmets in the market. In essence, the helmet with the widest gap between the hard shell and the foam inside offers the greatest form of protection to the wearer. Giro, Schwinn, Bell and Rascals have durable helmets that offer great protection. This is because they have superior construction that offers great value to bikers.  
  • Straps and adjustability. To have the best fit, different helmet manufacturers have come up with different helmets that have chin straps and adjustability options.  Sometimes, you may come across a costly helmet that comes with dials and self adjustment systems that help achieve a perfect fit.  This is important for a good fit helmet adds to the safety of the helmet. The right type of helmet in the market should have straps that are comfortable for your kid while at the same time allowing enough jaw movement.
  • The buckle system. The best kid's bike helmets should have a pinch free buckle. One of the reasons why kids dislike a helmet is because it has a pinching buckle.  Luckily, the problem with buckle pinching has been solved. This is because different buckle companies have come up with innovative buckle technologies that do not pinch children’s fingers. Some pricey helmets in the market come with a magnetic buckle while others have a plastic guard on the buckle.
  • Proper ventilation. Another feature that you need to consider when looking for the best infant bike helmets is ventilation capability of the unit.  When riding a bike, it gets very hot under the helmet and thus, your kid might feel uncomfortable and want to remove the helmet. Therefore, it is advisable to consider buying a biking helmet with enough vents. This is especially when you live in an area with a warm weather.  The cooling vents are very effective in cooling down the biker.  However, if you live in a colder area you should go for the helmets with less number of vents.
  • Visor. A visor is important in children helmets because it protects the child’s eyes from hot sunlight.  The best kid's bike helmets in the market have either built in visors.


When it comes to children helmets, you have a wide range of options to choose from. This is because the available products in the market come in varieties that confuse buyers. Choosing a best kid's bike helmet is just a matter of comparing quality and features. However, many buyers consider price instead of quality and end up with the wrong product. This is because there are some cheap helmets that have very good features. However, you should just go for the helmet that you love in the market.

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