Bike Accessories You Should Have


What is bike accessories?

Bike accessories are pieces of items that make riding a bike easier. They are either work on the body or are carried on the bike. Even though you might not heed some of those items while you ride a bike, it is absolutely advisable that you have these items with you. While riding a bike, you may not be sure of the contingencies that might come up in the process. Therefore, it is always wise to have the right bike accessories when setting out on a long bike ride.

This article will talk about the bike accessories you should have your biking trip. Hope it will be useful for all of you.

Bike gear

My experience

Many years ago during my first cycling  days, I remember receiving a brand new bike from my uncle and from that point, I was determined to get all the professional riding accessories that I used to see on TV so that I can start hitting the road like a real pro. What I did not know was that, there is more to buying bike accessories than meets the eye. You not only need to have the right information on the gears but also, tips on what to look for when buying the bike accessories.

Back to my case, when I thought of buying biking shoes, I was bent on going for the most fashionable piece that I could find.  Unfortunately, I failed to realize that biking shoes should not necessarily be fashionable but functional. A day later, I slipped on the saddle and crashed the bike because the shoes were not designed for such use.  

Luckily, you will not have to learn things the hard way because this article comes to share you about the right bike accessories you should have.

Why you need the right bike accessories?

There are many reasons why you need the right bike accessories for riding a bike. Bike accessories is designed to offer you with comfort and support as you are riding your bike. The reasons why you need the right bike accessories:

  • Comfort. Comfort is one of the reasons why you need to get the right bike accessories for hitting the trails. This is because the right gears are designed for biking and thus, will leave you feeling comfortable. For example, when you are buying shoes for biking, they are made to cling on the pedals with ease. Similarly, biking clothes are made of an all weather material that protects you from rain and snow. This can enable you to ride back home even when the weather turns into the harsher side.
  • Support. The right bike accessories will also offer you with a lot of support.  This is because the accessories are just designed for biking and that they can enable you to maneuver bike riding with ease.  For example, shoes designed for riding will support your feet well. This is because they are able to clasp on the pedal without slipping even in wet weather. As a result, you feel well supported when riding the bike.
  • Safety. Just like many other types of moving sports, you need to be safe when riding a bike. When choosing the bike accessories you should have, it is important to look for the best ones that will offer you with a lot of support.
  • Value for money. The right bike accessories are all of high quality materials that last for a long time. When buying bike accessories, it is important to consider the ones that are recommended for the type of bike that you are riding. You should find the right bike accessories because it will give you great value for money not only in the present time but also for the future.

Bike accessories you should have:

Cycling clothes

Cycling clothes are one of the most important bike accessories to consider in cycling. This is not only because they cover your body but also because, if chosen in the wrong manner, they can make riding a bike a bit uncomfortable. The right cycling clothes such as a jersey and shorts are important in making you feel comfortable on the bike. If you want to cut costs elsewhere, it is highly advisable not to try it here. This is because getting high quality jersey and shorts for bike riding is going to make the experience worthwhile. Going for top quality bib shorts will especially make your riding easy and fun. This will greatly impact on your performance on the road.

Cycling Jersey

A cycling jersey set -

The best choices of bib shorts should be the ones with a sleek and comfortable feel on the wearer. This is because they are soft on the skin and are not going to feel too tight. If you have access to Castelli collection for the short and Velocissmo jerseys collections, then you are good to go. The two brands are highly reputable in producing high quality clothes for biking. However, it is important to note that these brands sell at a premium price when compared to other products in the market. The good thing with Castelli bib shorts is that they come in neutral colors and you can change jerseys as much as you like without affecting your looks. This is important for it makes you look like a professional rider.

Alternatively, you can go for jet collection that offers much more affordable pieces. However, you need to ensure that the clothes you pick are well fitting. Also, you need to consider whether they are designed for warm or cold weather. However, this will greatly depend on the type of climate that exists in your area.

Biking jacket

Biking jacket is equally important in bike riding. However, many people overlook this important part for they see it as a minor thing. However, the truth of the matter is that, a biking jacket is just as important as any other biking clothing that you can purchase in the shop. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to it for it will determine a lot of things that you need to achieve.

Biking jacket

Biking jacket -

Biking jackets are important for they shield you against harsh weather. There are any types of biking jackets available in the market and it is important to be sure of what you are looking for.  The best quality biking jackets are the ones that are made of high quality materials such as leather or canvas for they can provide you with a shield against cold and even snow fall. This is important for it can enable you to get the best out of biking.

Also, you have many options to choose from when it comes to biking jackets. This is because the jackets come in many colors, design and thickness. However, if you will be riding at night most of the time, it is advisable to go for reflective jackets that will make you visible on the road. This is important especially considering that oncoming motorists are not able to see bikers on the road.

Protective pads

Protective pads are one of the safety features that you need to have while biking. Protective pads come in many different varieties that include the ones that are mounted on the jackets as well as the ones that are just worn by bikers on the knees. Incase you fall down while riding your bike; the protective gear can take the impact and prevent your knees from suffering injuries. This is important for it can prevent you from suffering bad injuries while biking.

Protective pads

Protective pads -

Strongly recommend for anyone who are starts to learn to ride a bike, who usually does trick with a BMX bike, or the one usually ride on an difficult mountain biking trails; need always equip these pads to ensure safety.

Biking sunglasses

Biking sunglasses

Biking sunglasses -

Sunglasses are very important for a biker because they not only shield their eyes from strong sunlight but also can prevent strong wind from hitting the eyes. There are many varieties of sunglasses in the market that are aimed for different customers. You however can choose the ones that suit your needs the best. The right biking sunglasses fall in the price range of $30 to $70. Such sunglasses can give you a lot of value and service. The right sunglasses are the ones that come with UV rays protection. These sunglasses can enable you to ride in the sun without the harmful effects of the sun.

A helmet is also an important biking gear as it offers protection against head injury in an event of a biking accident. Although there are many types of helmets in the market, it is advisable not to go for the really expensive ones as they do not offer more protection than the traditional helmets.

Cycling helmet

Cycling helmet -

Remember to wear your helmet every time you sit on the saddle, choose the right size with your head, and wear the right way.


Biking gloves are one of the safety features that you need while biking. The gloves not only protect your palms from injury when you have an accident but also, prevent your hands from having vibrations when riding for a long time.  The best idea for finding the right gloves is by trying out what is available in the market. The good thing is that there are $20 gloves in the market to choose from.


Biking gloves -

All you need to do is to choose the gloves that fit well on your skin. There are many types of gloves in the market but it is advisable to go for the ones that ease stress on your hands and fingers. Gloves can easily stretch but some are too tight that they cut off blood circulation. Therefore, it is advisable to find the ones that feel comfortable on your fingers. Castelli gloves are one of the best biking gloves in the market that boost of great value and quality. However, they are sold at a premium price.

As a beginner, you may want riding shoes that makes it comfortable and easy to ride a bike. You can choose some strap pedals and fine sneakers that will make riding a bike a lot easy. However, as you get more experienced in riding a bike, you will want to buy some shoes and pedals.

Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes -

Basically, your choice of shoes for riding a bike should be both simple and comfortable. There are a wide range of shoe options that you can go for in the market. But it is always advisable to settle for the ones you are comfortable with.  

Biking socks

Biking socks

Biking sock -

Biking shoes are normally accompanied by biking socks. You need to find a comfortable pair of socks that can absorb sweat in the feet. This is because biking is a rigorous activity that causes you to sweat and lose a lot of water in the body. Therefore, the choice of socks that you go for should be fashionable, simple, comfortable and affordable. Socks are normally a simple gear and you should not spend a fortune getting them.  Besides, there are no many features to look at when it comes to socks. Nevertheless, you can choose the right thickness that meets your needs.

Road ID

Road ID

Biking road ID -

A road ID is very important in biking for it bears the basic information about you. However, it is only useful when you have a very serious accident. Incase you have a concussion and are unconscious, the road ID can help save your life. You should choose color, band type and design that fully reflect your personal style and preference. In case of an accident, the band will provide cyclists, pedestrians and medical personnel with important information about your blood type, name, phone numbers as well as the allergies that you might be having. If you mostly ride alone in a place where you are not known, it is advisable to have a road ID with you. This will greatly help in saving your life should you get involved in a serious accident.

Flat repair kit

If you have a big experience in riding a bike, you probably know that you will occasionally have a flat tire to deal with.  This is especially when you constantly take dirt roads when riding the bikes. There are many causes of a flat on the road including punctures by objects on the road, high temperatures as well as damaged patches.

Therefore, it is absolutely paramount that you get a flat repair kit in the form of new tube, patch kit, pump and tire levers. Most tire repair kits on the market have virtually everything that you need on a biking trip. However, you can cut costs by getting the tools needed instead.  You can then get a tool wrap or a saddlebag to carry those tools while riding the bike. However, it is important to ensure that the bag is small enough so that it does not become bulky as you ride the bike. Similarly, a heavy saddle won’t make things easy as you ride the bike.  

When it comes to pumps, there are several options that you have in the market. CO2 pumps are one of the options that you have. The pumps fill up the tire with a record speed but the only downside is that they have a limited amount of air that they hold.

CO2 Pump

A CO2 pump -

On the other hand, you can purchase a mini pump. However, you have to ensure that they have a flexible hose that will enable you add air into a tire without bending valve stem. Besides being bulky, these pumps are very convenient when repairing a puncture on your bike.  

Mini pump

A mini pump -

Lastly, you need a floor pump to help you in repairing your bike. This is because a floor pump is better equipped to fill up the tire of your bike to the right psi. Since most bikes come with a Presta valve kind of stem, a floor pump will do a lot to make your experience better.  The good thing is that there are many notable manufacturers in the market with high quality floor pumps.

Floor pump

A floor pump - ​

Water bottle and their cages

Most high quality bikes in the market come with water cages that have been attached to the frame.  However, if your bike is not installed with the water bottle cages, it is important to ensure that the bike has the right screws for attaching a water bottle cage. The screws should be located on both the frame that runs downwards from the saddle as well as the sloping frame.

Water bottle cages comes n different build materials and designs. However, it is advisable to find the one that suits your budget and needs the best. The best water bottle cages start from $30.

Water bottle

Water bottle -

When it comes to water bottles, you should get about two. This will ensure that they can fill the water cages that you have on your bike. But if you consume water at a fast rate, you should consider getting 3-4 bottles.

Just to mention: if you are a newbie, it is not advisable to buy a hydration pack. This is because it is very hard to carry such items on your bike while riding for long distances.

Multi tools

Multi tools

Multi tools set -

A multi-tool is a must for any serious bike rider out there. This is because the tool comes in handy when riding your bike because it will not only enable you to adjust things like the saddle with ease but also because you might need to adjust the brakes while on a biking trail. The great news is that there are some really good multi tools in the market that can help you get moving on the road. There are some compact multi tools that come with 5 Allen keys and other tools. The tool is both small and lightweight and you will not find any trouble when putting it inside your saddle bag.

There are so many types of multi tools that you can choose. However, it’s always wise to go with the ones that offer the best usability possible. It would be handy to have a toolset that can help you adjust different areas on your bike as needed.

A biking computer

A biking computer

A biking computer -

As you continue to learn biking, you will soon learn that there are some things that you need to know about your riding. This includes speed, heart rate, calories burned, power output as well as the distance covered. Therefore, there will come a time when you will need a computer to help you in riding your bike. The computer will keep tabs on how you are moving and keep memories of every fine detail that has happened on the road. You can find really good computers in the market at a reasonable price. For example, Lezyne has a good bike computer that retails at around $150. It has maps, power connectivity and GPS connectivity.

When it comes to buying bike computers, there are many options to go for. If you have the budget, you can go for a feature rich computer that will help you in moving from one place to another. Alternatively, you can opt for a cheaper option that will serve all your immediate needs.

Conclusion on bike accessories you should have

When considering bike accessories that you should have, it is important to go for things that you know you will use for a long time. Go for what you want and when you can, buy used items. Alternatively, you can opt for discount coupons that are found in the stores. However, you should not refrain from spending some more money on items that you know will provide you with much value. As a result, you will end up getting so much value. To sum up the above, it is advisable to go for the products that you feel will deliver the best value and result in your biking career. Doing so will lead you to fulfill your experience in biking.

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