Bike Rides in Texas – The Most Interesting Rides

Texas offers one of the best opportunities to cyclists, to explore its terrain. Bike rides in Texas provide the best chance for professional cyclists and families to enjoy the outdoors. This area consists of hills, plateaus and smooth terrains. Moreover, many areas are surrounded by rivers, bayous and forests. People who love nature will be very interesting with the scenery here.

Texas also has a trail to capture the interests of all kinds of cyclists. It offers more diverse trails, in comparison to other states. There are not only single tracks but also family friendly tracks. In this article, we will introduce to you the most popular rides in Texas for both professional and amateur cyclists.

Rugged Trails for Professional Bikers

1. Kiest Park Loop Trail

Kiest Park Loop Trail is one of the most popular cycling trails in Dallas. It’s also a great place to set up camp and use the best camping grill for BBQ with your friends. The trail loop is 2.8 miles in length. This place is an attractive trail for all cyclists with varying skill levels. However, it is not suitable for amateur cyclists. Because the track is a bit narrower, it is dangerous for non-professionals. The irregular pattern of the trail route require the expertise level of cyclists who want to explore this track. That is the reason why the professional cyclists who like abrupt changes and varying terrain want to conquer this trail.

2. Lanana Creek Trail

Lanana Creek Trail is located in the Nacogdoches County and extends to 3.5 miles in length. The end points of this trail are Hoya Soccer Complex, Lanana Street and E.Austin. It extends from the north to south end of the town. This trail is highly suitable for mountain biking among other activities. In fact, it is very appropriate for all cyclists who consider cycling as an exercise. A few natural steps and rocky patches make this track become a more professional and friendly track. However, the change of abrupt in the trail makes it unsuitable for beginners or new bikers.

3. Bachman Lake Park Loop Trail

Bachman Lake Park Loop Trail is located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. And it ends at Bachman Park. The length of this trail is 3.5 miles. This place is an interesting destination for most of residents living in the loop. This trail is made of asphalt which makes the surface of the track really smooth to drive. In addition, it is a narrow route but consistent in features. Moreover, it is really a challenge to professional bikers because of consisting of 3 slope inclinations

4. The Colony Shoreline Trail

The Colony Shoreline Trail is in Denton, Texas. This trail is 4 miles in length. Even though this track is one of the most favorite trails of families and professional cyclists, it is more suitable for professional cyclists. The hiking trail requires a mountain bike rather than a normal street bike due to its built. 

The trail is surrounded by a kids park and picnic tables. That makes it suit for families. However, having abrupt turns and its unstable terrain makes it more comfortable for professional cyclists. The main reason why professional bikers would opt for this track is due to the level of difficulty needed to ride on this track. In addition, being near the lake makes the track a bit muddy, especially after a rainy day. The murky conditions of the road makes it extremely difficult for a beginner to ride.

5. Brushy Creek Regional Trail

The Bushy Creek Trail is located in Texas County, Williamson. This trail has a really extensive length with 10.4 miles so that professional cyclists can enjoy their trip in a long ride. The ride is made of concrete and crushed stones. Besides, it consists of a few blind corners. Although the traffic is good, it is not appropriate for amateur cyclists because of lacking facilities nearby.

Smooth Trails for Amateur Cyclists

1. Hike and Bike Trail (Taylor)

Hike and Bike Trail falls in the Williamson County. This trail falls in the Williamson county. The trail is made of asphalt and concrete but some sections comprise crushed Stones. It runs extend over 3 miles in length. There are several parks and neighborhoods surrounded it. Many families want to choose this trail for their trip because of the close access of amenities. On the other hand, this trail is shorter than other ones. So, it is unfavorable among mature cyclists, who like to go on a more extended terrain to avoid track monotony.

2. White Rock Lake Park Loop Trail

White Rock Lake Park Loop Trail is in Dallas, Texas. The track is 9.4 miles in length, stretching from W. Lawther Dr. (White Rock Lake) and W. Lawther Dr. This trail is surrounded by greenery and is accessible for all kind of cyclists. It has many different paths connected to the main path. Many seasonal cyclists as well as a lot of people on foot often visit this place. In case a lot of people arrive there, the trail may become narrower. As a result, it is difficult for visitors to switch lanes.

3. Fort Worth Branch (Trinity River Trail)

Trinity River trail is a very long trail with 47.9 miles, extends from Buck Sansom Park and Cobb Park and located in Tarrant, Texas. The trails move along the river. This ride is really enjoyable due to beautiful scenery and a highly smooth concrete build. In fact, more and more cyclists like to join in this trail as people are improving the environment with more well-maintained facilities.

4. West White Oak Bayou Trail

West White Oak Bayou Trail extends to 7.4 miles in Harris, Texas. It is a greenway trail that begins at W. 11th Street and Antoine Drive. It has some sketchy surrounding, as it is in amidst of market side. Moreover, this trail has consistent flowing water which makes it be enjoyable by all kinds of cyclists.

5. Brays Bayou Greenway Trail

Brays Bayou Greenway Trail is really extensive track with 33.8 miles long in Harris, Texas. Its end points include Hockley Street, Medina Street; as well as Braeburn Glen Boulevard. It has a lot of natural plantation surrounding the track and includes wildlife too. The path is so extensive that it is really comfortable to drive without any particular edges.

6. Ray Roberts Greenbelt

Ray Roberts Greenbelt Trail, just like its name, is really beautiful to drive your bicycle in. It is a 10.5 miles long trail in Denton, Texas. This place is a very good ride for mountain bikes. But it comprises some low spots because of mud pools.

7. Culebra Creek - Helotes Greenway Trail

Culebra Creek - Helotes Greenway Trail is located in the Bexar County in Texas. It is only two miles long. The Burke Elementary School marks its trail head and it ends in Culebra Creek Park. There are a shopping area and apartment areas surround it.

8. San Gabriel Park Trail

San Gabriel Park Trail is a 6 miles long trail that made of crushed stone in Williamson, Texas. This trail loops around the 180-acre park. It is a recreational retreat for cyclists and residents of George Town. Due to other amenities such as playground and basketball courts surrounding, this is a perfect place for family outing.


In this article, we choose the most popular trail in Texas for you to reference. Some trails provide easy access for cyclist to enjoy the outdoors, as well as get some exercise. The trails vary in difficulty, with some having steeper slopes or rugged roads. Whereas, others have concrete well-made tracks. This article makes it easier for you to choose a trail 

After reading this article, we hope that you can choose a suitable place befitting your desires for your trip. It is very important to choose a track, keeping in mind the interests. Then, you need to consider about your skill; who you go with; the time to go... 

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