The Difference between Men and Women Bikes

Over the past decade, bikes have emerged as important tools of both exercise and short distance movements. However, it is important to realize that men bikes are very different from women bikes both in structural design and size. Also, the difference between men and women bikes is evident in seating position and length. 

In this article therefore, we are going to look at the notable differences between the two and identify the reasons why you should buy a bike that is designed for your gender. Comparing men and women bikes is like judging against clothes. If you have ever tried wearing clothes that are designed for the opposite gender, you probably know how different our bodies are. Men and women have different body structures and this is clearly reflected in the difference between men and women bikes.

What Are the Differences?

At the first glance, you might not tell the differences between men and women bikes. However, after reading this article, you might be able to tell why each bike is suited for either gender. Below, we take a look at those differences and why bikes are either designed for men or women.

1. Frame structure

Although men and women have significant structural difference, we need to acknowledge that there are men and women who share some similarities. Oncoming back to biking, the differences in structure between men and women bikes dictate the design of the top tube  of the bike. That is the part which connects the seat to the handlebars. On women bikes, this bar slants down towards the saddle which makes the bikes easier to mount when compared to men bikes. In contrast, men bikes have a top tube that lies nearly parallel to the ground.

While women bikes have a slanting top tube, it is usually shorter when compared to the ones on men bikes. This is because women have shorter upper bodies and longer legs. This is the opposite of men who have longer upper bodies. At the same size, it is important to note that women bikes are usually shorter than men’s one. However, the seats of women bikes lie higher when compared to those of their male counterparts. Frame structure is one of the most notable features that tell the differences between men’s and women’s bikes.

2. The shape of the seat

As we continue to look at the difference between men and women bikes, it is important to consider the shape of the seat. Although many affordable bicycles in the market have unisex seats that are designed to suit the needs of both men and women, it can get uncomfortable when you are cycling for a long distance.

Bike seats dedicated for women are made wide to comfortably fit their wider seating bones and pelvis. Men bikes' seats on the other hand are longer and narrower. However, there are best saddles for both men and women that come with a space in between to relieve pressure on the rider.

A good saddle for both genders should be comfortable and easy to seat on no matter the type of bike you are riding. Nonetheless, saddle size and shape is another feature that tells the difference between men and women bikes.

3. The handlebars

Another bike part to consider when looking at the differences between men and women bikes is the handlebars. Normally, handlebars are very distinctive in both men and women bikes. This is because; the two genders have different shoulder widths that are reflected on the design of the handlebars.

As the body structure dictates, the shoulder widths on men bikes measure between 42-44 centimeters wide while that of their female counterparts range between 40-42 centimeters wide. This difference accounts for their narrower shoulder widths. In addition, the stem between the handlebars are wider on men bikes than of women ones in order to compensate for their longer arms.

The handlebars’ stem is shorter on women bikes because they have a smaller torso. And since the stem cannot be adjustable, it has been set to suit women of different heights. The shorter stems enable women to reach handlebars comfortably and easily.

What Will Happen If You Go for the Opposite Gender’s Bike?

If you want to buy a bicycle designed for your opposite gender, you should look for one that offers the least notable differences. Luckily, there are some types of bikes that are not easy to distinguish. And the good thing with such bikes is that, you will never feel ashamed to cycle around your block on it.

Whether you are a woman looking to buy a man’s bike or a man looking to buy a woman’s bike, it is very important to consider the following information. You can however camouflage yourself under the opposite gender’s bike by ensuring that the bike meets some specifications. When you do, the known differences between men’s and women’s bikes won’t be too obvious on your bike.

  • Top tube. If you are a man looking to ride on a lady’s bike, you should not buy one with a slanted top tube. A slanting top tube will give you away easily and people will know that the bike you are riding is feminine. On the other hand, not many people will notice that you are riding a woman’s bike if it comes with a flat top tube.
  • Frame Length. You should choose a bike with the right frame length. If you are a woman riding on a man’s bike, you should ensure that you can reach the handlebars comfortably and your back is flat. That way, not many people will notice that the bike you are riding is designed for a man.
  • Seat shape. Although seat shape is a major difference between men and women bikes, not many people will tell that you are seating on the wrong saddle. However, you should know that a seat designed for the opposite gender will feel uncomfortable when riding for long distances.
  • The stem length. It is advisable to choose a bike with the right stem length between the handlebars so that you can be comfortable when riding. It is advisable not to buy a bike with stem lengths that are either too long or too short.
  • The handlebars width. This should be about shoulder width so that you can be comfortable riding the bike. Also, you should test out the bike to see whether you will be comfortable riding it for long distances or not. That way you will be sure about the product you are buying.

What You Should Consider When Buying a Bike?

When a man is looking for a bike, he should consider several things including; longer top tube, long and slender seats, wide stem between handlebars as well as big wheels. The Best brands to consider includes: Airborne, Avanti, BeOne, Bianchi, Breezer, Burley and Cannondale.

Women’s needs are very different from men’s when it comes to biking. It is however advisable those women buy bikes with shorter stem, wider seat and slanting top tube for easier mounting. The bike should also be smaller than what a man of the same height would go for. Best examples in the market include: Diamondback, Dahon, Electra, Fuji, Giant, Haro, GMC, Jamis, Raleigh and Redliner

The Similarities between Men and Women Bikes

There are several similarities that exist between men and women bikes. This includes:

  • Similar wheels. Both women and men bikes of the same model share the same wheel size. This not only gives the bikes similar riding characteristics but also, enables the bikes to run at a similar top speed. However, it is important to acknowledge that men bikes are generally heavier than women bikes.
  • Same gear ratios. The gear ratios on the pedals and the back wheel are the same on both men and women bikes.
  • Same pedal angle. Pedaling on both bikes feels the same. When riding the bikes, you do not feel any difference when pedaling. On a similar model, the riding experience is the same for men and women.
  • Similar turn circles. The turning radius the same for both male and female bikes. This makes it possible for riders to move parallel along each other without the risk of collision.


This article explores the differences between men and women bikes. However, these differences are not aimed at discrimination but rather, to meet each gender’s body structure and shapes.

As long as you are comfortable, safe and secure on a bike, it will not matter a lot if it is a man or woman bike. Research has found that tall women fit better on men bikes and on the other hand, shorter men prefer riding on women bikes.

All said and done, you should make sure that you get the right bike so that you can enjoy your riding experience. There are a wide range of choices in the market and if you look keenly, you are going to find the right bike.

I hope that this article can be helpful for you. Please give us your comments and share this article with your friends or your family.

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