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Are you people who love both playing with your dog and biking; and you don’t have time for both hobbies? Many bikers find it hard to do biking along with their dogs. There are very limited methods through which you can take your dog along a biking trail. For example, you can either have the dog run wild along a biking trail or pull it along using a leash.  The latter can be very dangerous especially considering that dogs are very playful. You risk either getting pulled off the bike or the dog getting tangled on the spinning wheels of the bike. Both ways are dangerous not only for the dog but for your self.

Is there any solution?

If you want to go out riding your bike along with your dog, you need to get a dog bike seat that comes in different forms. The dog bike seat is used to carry your dog when going along a neither biking trail nor expedition. Normally, the dog bike seat can be attached on the handlebars but if you are dealing with a larger dog, the seat is pulled like a trailer. You just have to go with the one that suits your dog.

Types of dog bike seats

There are many different types of dog carriers in the market. However, it is important to identify the type of dog that you want to carry before you can go out to the market to shop for a dog bike seat. This is because, different types of dogs have different requirements when it comes to the types of seat can carry them. Below, we will look at the two types of products individually.

Dog carriers and baskets

Dog carriers and baskets are ideal for these with a smaller dog. They are either attached to the handlebars or held on the rear seat of the bike. If your bike weighs somewhere between 20-25lbs, a bike basket of any type is going to be of assistance to you. Smaller dogs make it possible to utilize the front area of the bike. You can mount a basket on the front end of your bike. Also, it is important to note that bike baskets are much less expensive when compared to their trailer counterparts. Therefore, they are a good option when you are sure that your dogs will fit in them. There are 3 main types of dog baskets in the market including:

1. Wicker baskets

One of the options that you have for a dog basket is the wicker basket. This type of basket is made of natural material. It is regarded as the environmentally friendly type that will last for along time. However, you need to dry it out thoroughly when it gets wet.

Wicker baskets are classic as well and will appeal to persons who want good looking dog baskets. If you are conscious about the environment, you should choose these types of baskets as they are biodegradable.

During summer, you will find that the basket is able to keep your dog cool. This is because the basket is not airtight and is able to let in some air. However, the basket can be challenging to clean especially when your dog poops in it.

2. Wired carriers and baskets

Wired carriers are another option that you have for a dog biking basket.  Unlike the wicker basked, wired carriers are able to carry bigger dogs. This is because they are made of stronger material and can hold firmly onto your dog.  Also, wired carriers are easier to clean when they get dirty.

Wired carriers can easily attach to both handlebars and the front forks of the bike. They can be used in summer since they allow a lot of air in that is needed to keep your dog cool. However, you should get your own padding for the base so as to protect the tender feet of your dog.

3. Fabric baskets

Fabric baskets are another type of dog bike seats that you can go for. The baskets are made from the same material that is used in the making of rack sacks. This makes them cool, tough and durable. The baskets normally come with hand held pouches that you can use to put stuff in. to make them all weather, the baskets comes with a protective padding that is waterproof. Although fabric baskets seem as the best solution for dog seat, they are the least rigid. Your dog will therefore feel as if it is swinging from side to side when riding on this basket. Although this can be uncomfortable for the dog, doing slower speeds will make maters better.

In the market also have some other fabric bags, which bikers can wear them directly and can carry a small dog in it.

Factors to consider when buying dog bike carriers or baskets

Before buying dog bike carriers, there are some points that you need to consider. This is to ensure that you will get a product that will not only serve you but also meet the specific needs of your dog. The factors to consider before buying a dog bike basket include:

  • The size and weight of your dog  - This is the most important thing, you should choose a dog bike seat fit with your dog and can bear the dog’s weight.
  • Is the basket comfortable for your dog? –Some kinds of dog are very strong, but some are not. You must make sure that the type dog bike seat you select will make your dog always feel comfortable, especially small and sensitive dogs.
  • Can the basket attach on your bike with ease? – There are many types of bikes, and each type will have different design. So, you should choose the carrier fit with your bike construction.
  • Is the carrier removable from the bike? Of course, you will not always take your dog along on every biking tour. The carrier which can be easy to be removed is the best option.
  • Look for a basket with a smooth padded material. This will add safety for your dog and make them more comfortable.

Dog trailers

Dog trailers are the other option that you have for hauling your dog along a biking trail. The trailers are primarily aimed for larger dogs but can be used for smaller dogs. However, they can be used for smaller dogs but with a bigger space. In addition, the trailer can be used to haul multiple dogs in one go. This is important for it can help you move from one place to another with ease. Most trailers are rated to carry dogs that are above 25lbs.

Factors to consider when choosing a dog bike trailer

Choosing a dog bike trailer is more involving than choosing a dog bike basket. This is because the trailer is larger and has more features that you need to look at. Below, we look at the factors that you need to consider when buying a dog bike trailer. This includes:

  • Ensure that you get the right size. It is advisable to go for a dog bike trailer that fits the size of your dog.
  • Make sure that the trailer has a hitch that is easy to get on and off the bike.  The hitch should be strong and secure.
  • Proper weather protection. The trailer should be water proofed to keep rain and snow away from your dog. This is important because such moisture can adversely affect your dog.
  • Ensure the trailer is balanced. The trailers should be well balanced so that they do not affect you as you ride the bike.  If you chose an unbalanced trailer, you risk having it tip over in the middle of the road.
  • Check for reflectors and high visibility materials on the trailer. It will protect your dog from motorcycles and cars when you and your pet travel at night.
  • Ensure that the padding on the floor s adequate for your dog.
  • Choose an easy to operate trailer. The trailer of your choice should be easy to clean and latch on the bike. It is advisable to go for a trailer that has a removable floor so that you can clean it with ease.

Which is the right one?

When buying a dog bike basket or trailer, it is advisable to go for the one that suits your budget the best. That’s not withstanding, you should really consider the plans that you have for the dog. For example, you should look that the dog bike seat that you choose are ideal for the place that you want to go with the dog. The key to success here is to have the dog get used to the carrier first before hitting a biking trail. This will prevent a situation where the dog will get agitated on the carrier and probably jump off on the road. That can be very dangerous for all.

Train the dog to travel in the carriers/ baskets

The first thing you need to do after you buy the carrier or basket is to help the dog get used to it. You can begin by putting the dog in the trailer for short periods of time first. When the dog gets used to it, you can take it for short runs to see how it responds.  Also, remember to get a harness that protects the dog while on the move. The harness can prevent the dog from jumping out. The harness should be secure and comfortable for your canine friend.


It is possible to take your dog biking when you have the right carrier for the job.  The best ones should not only meet the dog’s needs in terms of safety and comfort but also, fit in your budget.  You can buy the right dog bike seat and enjoy biking along with your pet.

Lauren Anderson

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