Famous Cycling Events Around the World

There are many notable cycling events around the world that on a yearly basis. Some of them might pass without your knowledge but that does not mean that they are not important. The events are there and are fascinating. From their humble creations to the world-class events that they are today, these activities attracts thousands of spectators who make an effort to witness the events firsthand. At the events, there are both professional and amateur competitors who do their best to deliver top performance and entertainment for riders. In this topic, we will introduce some most famous cycling events around the world, you may already known or are going to know in some next minutes.

Most famous cycling events around the world

Paris–Rouen - The most famous cycling event on the past

Long before cycling competitions started, a race between two cities was organized in France in the year 1869. Fans around Europe at the time were very excited about the competition and they turned out on the road side just to witness this amazing event. Also, riders from different parts of the world were invited to witness the event and they came in their droves.  At the end of this premier riding competition, a famous British rider by the name James moor won the stretch by completing a distance of 123 km in 10 hours and 45 minutes. Although it might look average by today’s standards, it was a big achievement at the time. Today, professional cyclists are able to do the distance at much shorter time. This is wing to the technological improvements that have resulted in better bikes that are able to move faster using lesser energy. It is this race that formed the base for the cycling competitions that we know today.

Winner James Moore (right) and Jean-Eugène-André Castera at Paris–Rouen - Picture from Wikipedia

Tour de France - Biggest France cycling event

Tour de France is arguably the most popular biking event in the world. It started back in 1903 and has been held yearly ever since. This competition has riders covering a total distance of over 3500 kilometers in 23 days. It is a multi-stage race and is one of the major European grand tours that millions of cycling enthusiasts look forward to on a yearly basis. Over the last century, the only riders who have managed to win this race for times include Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault and Miguel Indurain. The race however has had its share of controversies but in the end, it has stood as one of the greatest cycling events of all times. This is partly because of the success rates as well as the high ratings among riders. As we mentioned above, Tour de France is a very long race that lasts for many days. Each stage winners are declared and when the race is over, the overall winner is found by looking at the total points that they have accumulated. It is however important to note that not all riders are able to complete this long tour.

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Giro D’Italia - Italia cycling tour

This is a multi-stage event that is considered as the second most difficult to win just after the Tour De France. The event was first organized in 1909 to promote the sales of La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper. The funny thing with Giro D’Italia is that the race has no definite route but is usually held on May or June over a period of 23 days. The first winner of this competition was Luigi Ganna. And Ever since the race was started, only Fausto Coppi, Alfredo Binda and Eddy Merckx have won the race 5 times. This race attracts thousands of spectators from all over the world on a yearly basis. The race has made big strides in boosting Italy’s tourism industry.

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Vuelta a Espana - Tour of Spain

The Vuelta a Espana took inspiration from Tour de France and Giro D’ Italia. It was started in 1935 after the other two races proved very successful.  The race consists of 21 long segments as well as 2-day rest intervals.  When the race was started in 1935, it was won by a Belgian cyclist by the name Gustaaf Deloor. However, only Roberto Heras from Spain has been able to win the race for four times.

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Tour de Suisse - an annual cycling stage race in Switzerland

Tour de Suisse is the most famous bike competition in Switzerland that was started in 1933. The first race of this competition was won by Max Bulla from Austria. Today, this race is considered as a testing ground for riders who want to compete in the Tour de France competition. The rider’s gets into this competition to prove their worthiness in entering Tour de France. The race comes with multiple stages and the cyclist with the most number of wins is the Italian Pasquale Fornara.  Pasquale has won the race a total of four times. Tour De Suisse has attracted many riders from all over the world as well as spectators who come to witness the event as it unfolds. 

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Paris-Nice -The Race to the Sun

This race started in 1933 and has become popularly known as the race to the sun.  The race has become very popular owing to the fact that it is challenging and passes through some of France’s most spectacular views. Today, this race is part of UCI world ranking and the first win was registered by a Belgian rider Alphonse Schepers. However, Sean Kelly from Ireland has won the race for a record 7 times.

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Critérium du Dauphiné

This race was started in 1947 and consists of 8 individual stages. The race takes place in the Dauphine region of France and attracts fans from all over the world.  This race is also a part of UCI world ranking and only four riders have managed to win it three times. They include Luis Ocaña (ESP), Bernard Hinault (FRA), Charly Mottet (FRA) and Nello Lauredi (FRA).

Olympic Games

Road cycling became a part of the Olympic Games from the beginning.  In 1896 when the Olympic Games were being launched, five track events and one cycling race were held. The premiere cycling race covered a distance of 87kms from Athens to Marathon and back. Cycling is still a part of Olympics today.

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Commonwealth games

Commonwealth games normally comprise of Britain and its former colonies. The games have always embraced professional cycling events and today both men and women engage in a number of cycling events during commonwealth games. In addition, there is a cross country race that involves mountain bikers. 

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Why people love cycling events?

Cycling is one of the most fun activities that people engage in. in the world; you will find that people are engaging in it for a number of reasons.  This includes:

  • Fun. Many people engage in cycling activities for the fun that it brings. You not only enjoy riding the bike but also, have an opportunity to sample some of the nature scenes that the world has to offer.
  • For exercise. Another reason why people love cycling is because it offers them with a chance to exercise their bodies. There are many non-competitive cycling activities that are organized in different parts of the world to enable people have fun. You can find the ones that are near your locality. 
small cycling event
  • For the prize. Cycling competitions normally feature professional riders who strive to get the money and other prizes on offer for the winner. They therefore take years of training so that they can be at their best when these competitions finally call. 

What kind of cycling events people usually organize?

The events belong into several categories including:


cycling event around the world

Cyclist in a competitions

Biking competitions are one of the most popular bike events around the world. Some are held in so much esteem that they attract riders and spectators from all over the world. The prizes offered at these events are usually attractive and riders usually train for months just to have a good shot at winning. As most of the events mention above are competitions event.

Fund drives

Fund drives are organized from time to time and are intended to raise money for a particular course. There are many fundraising activities around the world that involve biking as the primary activity and they all end up raising the required amount of money. These biking activities raise money in different ways. First, there are sponsors who promise to inject a certain amount of money if a particular rider does a specific distance on their bicycle. On the other hand, there are fundraising events that are dependent on donations. Riders pass through different centers and towns while collecting donations from well-wishers and people they meet along the route. As a result these drives have been successful in generating the amount of money required for running different courses. 


Biking expeditions are other type of biking events that are held across the world. The expedition’s features tour like activities where participants visit tourist sites as well as nature trails on their bikes just to have fun.  Such expeditions are aimed at helping people have a closer touch with the places that they are touring. In addition, it helps members bond with one another with ease as they are able to interact during the fun events in their areas.

Fun events

Fun events are organizes by friends, institutions and also local communities to enable people interact and have fun. The events do not feature prizes but are just a way for the members to have fun with one another. In these events, members are able to learn more about one another while at the same time, work hand in hand to solve other issues that they are facing as a group.  Most communities have discovered that biking is a social event that they can share with their friends and loved ones as it is simple, fun and offers healthy benefits to all.

A small cycling event

A small cycling event


As we saw above, there are literally tens of the most famous cycling events around the world. These events attract a wide range of cyclists and fans that travel for thousands of miles just to witness cyclists taking to the road. The events are normally held on a yearly basis and feature some of the best cyclists in the world. If you are interested in attending any of the above events, you should check their listings to find the dates when they will be held.

If you fell that there is a cycling event that we missed, you should point it to us by making a comment just below this article. Your opinions are usually highly appreciated. 

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