How to Go Biking with Your Kids


You've decided to go biking with your child in the next weekend or in your next holiday vacation yet, but you are worry too much if you can give them the best biking experience they deserve. Not a big problem! We will share some guides on how to go biking with your kids in this article, it will show you the step by step to prepare for the ride, and the benefits of let kid go biking with you. So, continue reading!


Children love biking – and we cannot deny this fact in their adorable eyes as soon as they sit on the bike. Aside from being fun and fast, cycling gives your cutie little kids the independence and freedom to go around and discover the natural beauty of each surrounding. Moreover, it is an excellent way for your family to have fun together.

Biking is brilliant for children as it helps them get the suggested thirty-minute physical activity every day, which some kids do not attain at this time. While investing in a bike and a few basic kits are a bit expensive, the benefits your kids can receive are enormous.

How to Go Biking with Your Kids?

So, how to go biking with your kid? You will learn by reading from the guides below.

1. Carry your kids with you

a. Make sure your kids are ready for outdoor biking tour, if your kids are too small or their health condition is not ready, need waiting for another time.

b. Equip all the necessary gears for your kids, these gears will help to protect your kids from elements, such as always remember to wear helmet for your kids, wear warm clothes to avoid strong wind and cold weather...

c. We recommend that you should choose a nice weather day to take your kids going outside.

d. You can carry your kids together with you when biking as below method:

Child seats 

Kids from 9 months to 3 or 4 years can fit into.

If your 12-month old baby can support his head with a helmet on, then a front- or rear-mounted child seat can be a good option for carrying them on your bike. Aside from the helmet, you should also consider getting them a padded headrest and strap to avoid possible injury, since kids at this age bracket tend to nod off all through the ride. Of course, don't forget the foot support as it will definitely make their travel much more comfortable and fun.

  • Front-mounted seat: your little one is up front. Getting on and off the bike is a lot easier than a rear-mounted seat, plus thoroughly checking the safety of your child is way better. Another thing about the front-mounted seat is that he can see where you're route is and appreciate more the beauty of the surrounding especially when you add a little story along the way. How delightful is that? Though, it can affect your balance and steering.
  • Rear-mounted seat: available in extensive options, low-cost, and allows your little ones to rest or sleep while on travel. On the negative side, you are hindering their enjoyment of viewing the full natural beauty of the surrounding and talking with them is not easy compared to the front-mounted seat.
Bike seat

Carry a kid on a bike seat

Bike trailers

Can be attached to the bike's rear. It can seat one to two children

bike trailer

Kids in side the bike trailer.

This is an excellent eco-friendly alternative for traveling around the town with your little kids. Most bike trailers are used for 12-month old babies when they can be able to support their head, while some trailers are equipped to carry little babies. They are available in double and single versions and are completely waterproof. Hence, not a big problem if you have twins or wants to carry two children with you during cycling.

Another impressive thing about bike trailers is that it comes with sun net and is spacious as well. Meaning to say, there are more rooms for your personal stuff (e.g. potties, towel, extra toys, drink and food, or shopping bags).

On the negative side, bike trailers are wide and quite bumpy to ride on for your kids. So, avoid riding on rough surface when carry your kid on a bike trailer.

Trailer bikes

Half a bike and a towing arm. It is ideal for kids 4 to 9 years old.

trailer bike

Biking with kid on a trailer bike

Keep in mind that the trailer bike must not go above half of your bodyweight. The towing arm fits perfectly to the ground of the bike of your kids and clutches the front wheel off the ground. What makes trailer bikes a beneficial tool for biking with your little ones is that they can be able to ride various places such as the beach and park, plus detaching it is made possible.

This will give your kids the entire freedom to enjoy riding a bike on their own. When it comes to longer rides, however, you have to check the energy levels and morale of the kids. If needed, boost with snacks and stops because they tend to suddenly become tired, tearful or upset.

Safety notice:

Carry your kids with your bike, like the child seat and bike trailer, must offer comfort and convenience to your child all throughout the ride. For instance, the seat should be comfortable enough to accommodate his body.  

2. Biking side by side with your kids

a. Choose a bike that fits perfectly with your child. It is recommended to buy him a bike small enough, so the seat can lower to where the feet of your child can evenly touch the ground. Depend on the age, you can choose among below types of kid's bike for your beloved:

  • Balance bike (for kids from 1-5 years old). If your little kids have just started to make friend with a bike, balance bike is the good option for your kid learn how to balance and steer. You should slowly ride behide your kids to take care of them. Choose the most easy road, little traffic, and short distance only.
  • Tricycle or bike with training wheels (for kids from 2-12 years old). After your kid master balancing and steering a bike, it is time for them to learn how to pedal. With a tricycle or bike with training wheels, your kids can start a journey with a bike without worry of falling. You can remove the training wheels when your kids are confindent with their riding skill.

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  • Bike for bigger kids and junior (for over 12). Your kids are ready for experience the real road tour with you, or discover a real biking trail.(sure! depend on their physical heath condition)

b. Review basic cycling safety rules with kids, which include keeping on the road's right side and following the traffic signs and stop signs.

c. Choose the best spot for your child to ride. A grassy, wide area is much more advised with a long flat area stretch and a slight slope. It must be wide enough to accommodate turns.

d. Equip your child with the right safety gears. These include elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, and helmet in order to prevent him from potential injury.

e. Ask your kids to have a good look at every object in the closer distance, straight ahead, and concentrate on that particular object rather than looking around. This is a great help for avoiding the tendencies of falls or crashes.

f. Now, you can enjoy a good ride with your little one!

ather with kids biking at sunset
Safety Notice:

Keep out of places with traffic or areas where there are lots of hindrances to the biking experience of your child.

Falls during bike riding is completely difficult to avoid. Alway keep your eyes on the kids; and choose the suitable road for the ride.

Benefits of Biking with Kids

Yes, it will take you a little effort and time to bike commute with your kids, but the result? Priceless happiness and strong wellbeing. Below are some major benefits associated with biking with children.

Quality Family Time

The most obvious and significant benefit of riding a bike with your child, both of you are given an ample time chatting nearly about anything, like what you do in the car, what animals or people you see, etc.

Unlike driving, biking together is much more interactive with the world around you. You'll be able to wander around the town with your children with you freely.


Parents, never hesitate to give up doing exercise. You can try biking with the kids either to school or anyplace they want. Carrying gear and kids is such an excellent form of exercise, which makes for an active lifestyle.

Better Health

When it comes to biking, there are lots of physical and emotional benefits that you and your children can gain. A fun biking is just a bonus. By spending time outside, you can help them lift depression and enhance moods.

Other than that, biking boosts aerobic fitness, strength, and stamina, keeps kids active, and acts as a great cardiovascular workout. For the emotional benefit, an increased self-confidence is guaranteed. It enables kids to be more cognizant of their body while feeling less apprehensive by the surrounding and their peers.

What's more, losing excess fat is also an impressive benefit of cycling with your munchkins. Along with proper rest, healthy eating, and being active, you can fight obesity together.

So as you can see, the benefits of biking with your kids are nearly endless! For your next vacation, consider spending a good amount of time riding a bike with your little kids because it will benefit you both – physically and mentally!

Final Thoughts 

Biking is good, but go biking with your kids is much interesting.  Aside from all the fun as well as physical and mental benefits both of you can acquire, you are also giving your little ones the best of their childhood experience. Hence, make sure to integrate cycling into their life routine! Now you can prepare to go biking with your kids. Let them discover the world and their own ability.

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Have fun cycling!

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