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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Welcome contributors!

Thank you for your interest in  www.bikesforall.net, we love cycling and we know that you also love it. So we would like to invite guests or visitors who want to be contributors for our site, submit your own articles.

However, before submitting any article, please go through the rules below. The guidelines have been set to ensure that we provide our visitors with high-quality contents and maintain standard as much as possible. That is why, everyone is interested in contributing articles for our site, please follow them in a precise way.

The guidelines for submitting articles are mentioned below:

  • To the point, original, well-organized and short (from 800-1500 words) articles.
  • Stories/ trips with bike.
  • Product related to cycling review.
  • How to/guide.
  • Case/ experience sharing.
  • Only original articles are accepted, they should not be published on any other sites; even if from your own blog at the present and in future.
  • Use at least two high-quality images that can be reproduced for the website and are relevant to the article/post containing them. You should have all the right on the images, please mention that they are taken from which stock photo, or make sure you give credit to the author in the resource section.
  • Please include a short author bio including a maximum of 1 anchor text link to your own website/blog.
  • We reserve the right to deny any article/post submitted.
  • We reserve the right to edit any article/post to make it reflects the writing style/tone of our site.

If you have any concern about the above mentioned guidelines, do not hesitate to send e-mail to me.

How to be our partners

If you have an interesting article at your own blog which related to one (or more) topic on ​www.bikesforall.net , which you think can be really useful to everyone and you want to share with our readers. Or you see that one (or some) of our article contain good value that you want to share to your readers, please feel free to contact us through email: lauren.bikesforall@gmail.com.

It is great to be your partner.

Lauren Anderson.