How Long Does It Take to Bike a Mile? Things You Need to Know

If too curious about how long does it take to bike a mile, read this article to find out the answer.

Are you one of those who love biking? You might be one of those who are considered as recreational cyclists who are just out for a while for fun and a bit of fresh air. If that is the case, how far will you go biking? And how long does it take to bike a mile?

Here, I will help you answer the said question and give some of the factors that could affect the speed of your biking. So, continue reading!

How Long Does It Take to Bike a Mile? The Average Time to Bike a Mile

Let us now discuss the answer to the question “how long does it take to bike a mile.” For a typical person, it might take three to four minutes to bike a mile with a normal speed of 17 to 18 mph. But of course, there could be variations, mainly when you are biking on different terrains.

If you bike on a hilly terrain, the said average rate might drop to six to seven minutes every mile. However, professionals might bike a lot faster compared to the average speed. While on the flat terrain, a mile could be reached over two minutes by professional cyclists with a speed of 28 mph. Besides, professionals could complete a mile within three minutes only as they could maintain the speed of 25 mph.

In case you plan to go biking within an hour, then you might reach miles. With this pace, you will have a great time to enjoy the scenery along the way. Nevertheless, certain things might impact the speed such as the experience of the bikers, specifications of your bike and more.

What Factors Affect the Speed? 

Yes, some factors could affect the said speed of biking. For example:

1. Bike

Indeed, the kind of bike might make a significant difference to the speed that you can cover a certain distance. If you have the sixthreezero cruiser, then it is slower than the brand new carbon frame bikes. There is also a need to make sure that the bike is built up perfectly and fits you well. You do not want to suffer knee pain, right?

2. Different Types of Bikes to Consider

You can choose from various kinds of bikes, and each of them has its uses, characteristics, pros, and cons. The speed of biking a mile might be affected by the kind of bike you have.

2.1 Road Bike

These are bikes with thin tires, elegant frame, flat or drop handlebars and short wheelbase. They are also light and made for speed yet not as strong as the mountain bike. They as well come in different sizes for different cyclists too. In general, the top speed of the road bike is in direct correlation with the comfort of the cyclist. For instance, a heavier cyclist might outpace the lighter one on straight and slight downhill grades. But, on steep descents having sharp corners, it will also depend on the handling skills and the comfort of the cyclist.

2.2 Touring Bikes

These bikes are great for long distances and also for carrying cargo due to their bigger frame triangle and stronger structure.

2.3 BMX Bikes and Mountain Bikes

For the majority of cyclists, mountain bikes are of great options since they are comfortable to sit on and a lot cheaper compared to road bikes. Although they are not as fast as the road bikes, mountain bikes offer a more extensive range of gears perfect for climbing. On the other hand, BMX bikes are not a wise choice for commuting since the low seat position is a bit uncomfortable for any distance. These kinds of bikes are intended for street riding, dirt racing, and ramps.

                              Some types of bikes

2.4 Cruisers

These are old style bikes which are easy to ride on. They are most of the time used once going to the beach, shopping and more. These bikes boast wide seats and tires with only one gear perfect for a flat terrain only. And their upright handlebars are great for viewing the world around you.

2.5 Folding Bikes

If too worried about storing the bike, then you can have this option. The handlebars, frame, and wheels hinge together and could fit in a regular box. You could also easily maneuver these bikes on to trains, cars and buses.

Consider this table of comparison to learn about the estimated average speed and miles to travel of each type of bike:

Types of Bikes

Average Speed

How many miles could it travel?

Road Bikes

17-18 mph

40-60 miles

Touring Bikes

13-14 mph

30-60 miles

Mountain Bikes or BMX Bikes

10 mph

15-20 miles


12-15 mph

15 miles

Folding Bikes

15-19 mph

10-25 miles

These are just some of the types of bikes that you might use and might affect your speed as well.

3. Cyclist's Fitness

The overall fitness of the cyclist could have a significant impact on the time that it takes to cover a distance. If you are a beginner, 10 miles could be too far. So, a mile is a great option first. You need to take things steady and just slowly increase the miles as you progress.

4. Gear

Of course, the kind of equipment you use will also impact how quick you would bike. So, there is a need to get the proper kit once you are thinking about biking a lot more seriously.

5. Weather

Another factor that could influence the speed is the weather. This factor could affect you in two ways. It could be flying along with a nice tailwind behind you, or you might virtually be at the standstill as you battle the horrible headwinds.

6. Terrain

It would be a lot easier to ride on a flat bit of tarmac compared to the mountain bike track in the local forest. Indeed, boggy and sticky mud could be a terrifying option to consider and get your bicycle through, therefore, it would add extra minutes to your travel time.

                  Extreme mountain biker fast rides in autumn forest

There you have it! Those are some of the things that must be considered especially if you want to know how long does it take to bike a mile. If you are going to reach a mile a lot faster than the average speed time, then be able to consider these factors and make the best out of your cycling session.

Safety Tips

For some biking safety tips, consider the following:

Wear your proper clothing such as your padded riding shorts and biking jersey. Though these are not required, however, these will make the ride a lot safer and more comfortable too. You should also have a helmet always.

You must put together the emergency kit with tire repair kit, a bike pump, and the cell phone in the event that anything happens once you are on the ride. Besides, you should also know the right way of changing a flat tire or to complete simple fixes before you start a ride.

And also, pack a full water bottle and utilize the hydration backpack to stay hydrated thru the ride.

For some other safety tips, watch this video:

Final Thoughts

So, how long does it take to bike a mile? For this question, there is no real and exact answer, instead of an estimated one only. But of course, you can give it a try and record the duration whether how long it takes you to bike for a mile.

Try riding a bike now and enjoy the health benefits that it could also offer. Watch this video to learn more:

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