How to Barspin: A Complete Guide for Beginners


Learning how to ride a bike is only the beginning for those who wish to become bike stunt pros. After perfecting your balance while riding your bike, the next thing you should do on your way to being a stunt pro is practicing the easiest of bike tricks.

One trick much favored by plenty of beginners is the Barspin. The barspin is simple, quick, and easy to learn, making it a great trick for beginners to try out. So if you want to impress your friends or if you just plainly want to look cool on your bike with such tricks, I suggest you start out with the simple barspin.

Read this short how to barspin guide that I have specially prepared for beginners to learn how you can master the perfect barspin

What You Will Need to Master the Barspin

Before I tell you all about the steps, let me first tell you about the stuff you will need to perform a barspin. Try to collect these following things before you try out the steps I have listed below.

1. Bike

Well, yes, we all know you need a bike to do the barspin. But just any bike wouldn’t do. To perform the barspin, you will need to have a bike that doesn’t have wires or anything that connects the handlebar to the rest of your bike.

The perfect bikes to practice a barspin are BMXs and fixed gear bikes. These two bikes are the best for barspin because they do not come with brake wires that limit the handlebars’ range of motion.

Another thing that you may have to take into consideration is the actual size of your bike’s handlebars. Try to use a short handlebar to make quicker 360 degree turns.

2. Protective Gear

Always practice safety when trying out any stunt or trick. Always use a helmet to protect your head from nasty injuries that may occur when you fall. You may also want to use other kinds of protective gear like a pair of knee and elbow pads.

3. Flat Road

The best place to practice a barspin is in a flat road that is wide enough for you to make small circles around. Also, try to choose a practice area that doesn’t attract too much car and foot traffic.

How to Master the Barspin

Once you have prepared all the stuff you need, you may now proceed to follow these simple steps:

1. Practice the Bunny Hop

The bunny hop is another beginner bike trick that you can learn within a couple minutes of practice. If you’re not familiar with the bunny hop, it’s basically when you lift the front wheel of your bike off the ground.

To do the bunny hop, you have to shift your weight to the back of your bike and pull up the handlebars until your front wheel is off the ground.

While doing the bunny hop, make sure that your pedals are level and try to stand up to have an easier time balancing your bike. You can also try pinching your seat with your thighs to get better control over your bike as you bunny hop.

2. Practice Spinning the Handlebars

Once you have mastered the first part of this trick, it’s now time to master its second part, spinning the handlebars.

As a start, you can try leaning against a wall while you lift your front wheel as you try to do a full 360 spin on your handlebars.

While lifting your front wheels, try to spin your handlebar using your dominant hand. Try to do a 180-degree spin first until you get used to catching the handlebar after spinning it. Do this repeatedly until you can spin the handlebar fast enough to make a full 360 spin.

3. Do the Bunny Hop and the Barspin

Start off by doing the bunny hop and try to hold the front wheel up as long as you can. The longer you can hold your front wheel up, the easier it will be for you to do a full spin.

While holding your front wheel up, pinch your seat with your legs to maintain balance and then try to spin your handlebar for at least 180 degrees. Keep on practicing this until you can move quick enough to do a full 360 spin.

After spinning the handlebars slowly bring your front wheel down by leaning into the front of your bike.

You can refer below video in YouTube for instruction to know how to barspin with a BMX bike.

Pro Tips

Want to pump up your barspin trick? Try these following pro tips to add some flair to your barspins.

1. The Double Barspin

The double barspin is basically two barspins made while your bike’s front wheel is up in the air. To do a double barspin, all you really have to do is learning how to spin your handlebars faster or learning how to balance your bike’s front wheel up in the air longer.

The key to doing a double barspin is spinning the handlebars again as soon as your hand catches it after the spin.

2. Get Stunt Pegs

One way to achieve perfect balance when doing the bunny hop is by attaching stunt pegs at your bike’s back wheels. Stunt pegs will let you put all your weight on the back of your bike, making it easier for you to pull up your bike’s front wheels up.

Using stunt pegs attached to the back wheel of your bike can simply make double barspins and other advanced barspin tricks easier since you’ll be able to hold your front wheel up longer.

Things to Remember

Well, there you have it. That’s how easy it is to learn how to barspin. To end this how to guide in an efficient manner, allow me to remind you about a couple of key factors regarding the barspin.

Keep in mind that the bike you should use shouldn’t have any kind of wiring that connects the handlebars to the rest of your bike. Make sure that your handlebars can spin and turn freely towards any direction.

Another thing you should take note of is practicing the seat pinch using your thighs to achieve more balance when doing the bunny hop. More balance means more time to spin your handlebars. 

Lastly, do not forget to wear protective gear like helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads. A lot of people underappreciated protective gears because of their bulky designs that may look uncool, but do not make the same mistake of not protecting your body when practicing new tricks by not using protective gears.

A simple helmet can help prevent severe health conditions like concussions and skull fractures, so don’t ever practice a trick without it.


Thank you for sticking with me until the end! I hope you learned a lot from this article and I certainly wish that you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing it.

If you want to know more about bicycles, just stay around. Feel free to look around our site and you’ll find all sorts of things like product reviews, more how-to guides, and other interesting and informative articles about bicycles.

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