How to Choose a Kid Bike – Kid Bike Buying Guide

Kids love riding, it is true! My kid and many other young children are very interested in riding bike. So let your kid start to learn how to ride a bike is good thing. But what bikes type is suit for your kid is a big concern. Good to know that you could be guided well once we find the right information needed for this matter.  We will tackle some of the most important things related to kid’s biking such as the types of bikes that would suit your child and the sizing guide too so that you can know how to choose a kid bike.

We all know that most of the kids these days love to ride their bikes. But, as parents, we are quite nervous about their safety too! Apart from that, I would also want to share some of the health benefits that our kids might reap if we allow them to do cycling. There are indeed various health benefits, and you will love to know them all. And of course, I will not forget to provide you with safety tips to ensure the safety of the kids as they ride their bikes.

So, here we come! Continue reading and learn more about your kids, their bikes and your roles in this journey!

Being physically active is one of the keys for everyone to stay fit and healthy. And that is what you want for your child, right? Through regular physical activities, the child would be protected from any serious diseases such as obesity. And one of the best ways to reduce the risk of these health issues could be through bicycle riding.

Cycling doesn’t only benefit the adults, nevertheless, various health benefits are being offered to the children too. Some of these benefits include the following:

Keeps the kids active

Various health issues could be due to inactivity. In fact, if parents would set a poor example, it will indeed affect the children particularly those that are into spending more time indoors. So, bike riding is a great way to get the heart beats faster, or it is considered as the most usual kind of exercise which is highly appealing to the kids.

Biking keep kids active

Biking keep kids active

Great cardiovascular workout

It is not yet late to let the kid’s heart pumps. Biking will involve the large muscle groups in the legs, and this raises the heart rate at the same time increasing the stamina of the kids simultaneously. If kids are involved in regular cycling, they could have higher staying stronger and healthier.

Builds strength and muscle mass

For most people, cycling is considered as a workout for the legs. However, it strengthens the entire body. So, unlike other activities in building strength, cycling develops the muscles of the kids gradually. You don’t want your kids to do extensive workout exercises, right? So, let them do biking instead!

Creates parent-child bonding

It would be more fun to go biking with your kids than to watch TV or work on tablets as your bonding activity. You could enjoy as you cycle together by the sea. This bonding will not just lead to a healthy and productive workout but could also fill your day with memories and laughter that you could cherish for a lifetime.

Develop parents-kid bonding

Develop parents-kid bonding

Also, this will offer a positive effect on the mental and emotional health of the child, therefore, reducing the levels of stress and keeping both the depressions and anxiety off.

Weight loss

Cycling is considered as an activity that is beloved by many overweight children as it could help in burning more calories, assisting in losing weight a lot faster and helping in practicing the enduring mental health of the kids.

Offers emotional benefits

Boosting self-confidence is another excellent benefit that cycling could offer. It will allow the kids to be more aware of their body at the same time they would feel less intimate by their peers as well as surroundings.

If they go biking most of the time, the more comfortable they will become of their neighborhood and the more comfortable they would interact with others too. And this further boosts their confidence!

Chance for kids to go outside

Of course, kids love to go outdoors. If they are outside, they could get natural sunlight providing them vitamin D and ample fresh air. This helps them to get a great sleep at night. And a better sleep would lead to better health as well as better body growth.

Chance for kids to go outside

Chance for kids to go outside.

Indeed, there are many benefits when it comes to biking for your kids. You want these benefits to be enjoyed by your kids, right? If yes, then help them outside as they go biking and let them discover the world!

Types of Kids Bikes 

There are various kinds of bikes that you need to know for you to have the best option for your child. Let me provide you with the following types of bikes; knowing them will help you know how to choose a kid bike correctly:

Balance bikes

These bikes are considered to be in their most simple form of bike, wherein there is no chain or pedals, only frame and wheels. The feet act as the brakes as children coast or walk along on the balance bikes. This kind of bike helps in teaching two to five years old kids on how to coordinate balance and steering.

A wooden balance bike

A wooden balance bike - Amazon.com

Training wheels bikes

These bikes offer an additional wheel or wheels that are mounted parallel to the rear wheel of the bike which assist the learners up until they have already developed a sense of balance. These types of bikes could provide children with the confidence they need so they could begin riding on their own. If there is already confidence, you can only remove the training wheels.

Kid bike with training wheels

Kid bike with training wheels -Amazon.com

Trike bikes

If compared to adult trikes, these trike bikes for kids are a lot simpler, having no gears or brakes and most of the time having crude front-drive. These trikes are used by kids between the ages of 2 and 5. And child trikes could be unstable especially if the track or wheelbase is not sufficient.

Kid on a tricycle

Kid on a tricycle - Amazon.com

There are some trike bikes having a push bar in order for the adults to control the trike.

Kid’s road bikes

If the kid is now ready for a 2-wheeler, be wary of buying a road bike which your kid will grow into. This could set the child back a couple of years. These bikes range from the ones with flat bars and upright riding positions up to small versions of the adult road bikes having drop-bar handlebars which put the child in a more aerodynamic riding position.

A kid road bike

Vilano TUONO Kids Road Bike, 24 Inch Wheels - Amazon.com

A flat-bar road bike is a nice choice once the child will be riding to school or will cruise around the neighborhood. And a drop-bar style road bike could be great if you have a young racer on the hands.

Kid’s cruiser bikes

These are kinds of bikes that pay attention on fun along with flashy colors and catchy graphics. They feature full balloon tires intended for traction and stability, comfy seating, a modest single-speed gearing coaster brakes as well as tough steel frames.

BMW junior cruise bicycle

BMW junior cruise bicycle -Amazon.com

Children could use these bikes for short bike rides on neighborhood streets and smooth bike paths.

Kid’s BMX bikes

These bikes are designed for racing over jumps as well as around banked turns in the dirt which are now famous for almost everything. They come with lightweight frames and knobby tires and typically offer 20 inches wheels. Some BMX bikes have 16 inches wheels intended for beginners.

 Redline Rival Kid's Freestyle BMX Bike

Redline Rival Kid's Freestyle BMX Bike - Amazon.com

Kid’s mountain bikes

Mountain bikes for kids have 24 inches wheels intended for the accommodation of those with shorter legs. Most of these bikes are less-expensive versions of the adult bikes having simpler components along with front suspension forks than a full suspension.

These suspension forks absorb the bumps in the trail helping to reduce arm and hand fatigue once riding. In most cases, mountain bikes suit children with ages 10 to 13; however, this still depends on the child’s size.

Diamondback Octane 20" Kid's Bike

Diamondback Octane 20" Kid's Bike - Amazon.com

As the parent, or the adult, it is your goal to choose the best type of bike that will perfectly suit your child. And I hope you get some ideas from the options I indicated above!

Kids Bicycles Sizing Guide-How to choose a kid bike with the right size?

Here we come to another very crucial thing to consider once letting your child go biking – the size of bikes perfect for every child’s age. Continue reading to learn more!

2-5 years

At this age, you should be aware whether your kids are ready to ride on a kid’s bike. Since levels of coordination, as well as balance, greatly vary at this age, you need to decide based on every individual.

Some kids could really take the use of a balance bike. It is advised that kids should begin with a balance bike as it could help them master in balancing the bicycle without having to concentrate on pedaling.

As they move to a bike having pedals, they might already be prepared to remove the stabilizers or training wheels sooner.

On the other hand, those kids with less coordination might be better off with the use of a three-wheeler or a tricycle up until they reach the age of 4. Most kids are ready as they entered the age between 4 and 5 even without the use of training wheels.

The smallest bikes for kids offer a 12-inch wheel along with a back pedal or coaster brakes, direct drive and stabilizers too.

4-8 years

Now, if your kid reaches 4 to 8 years old, they are now on the stage of developing confidence when it comes to biking. The right size for these ages would be the 14 to 16 inches wheel bikes. You should also beware of those bikes having only hand brakes since most kids might have trouble operating them correctly.

Usually, bikes up to 16 inches are considered single speed bikes, and it would be great to look out for a model with a coaster brake though it has hand brakes too.

6-9 years

At this juncture, kids are ready to go! Those kids include in this age bracket are often ready to enjoy their first BMX bike with 20 inches tires, especially at the age of 7.

You just need to be aware of the crank length. In most cases, they should only be 20% of the length of the inside leg measurement. Once the BMX is designed for a bigger rider, the cranks might be a lot longer making the bike harder to be maneuvered by your kid.

8-12 years

If kids are already motivated, this could be the age wherein they could enter the world of road bikes. Most manufacturers would produce 24-inch kid’s road bikes, so if you are a family of cyclists, then your kid doesn’t need to clunk around the use of a mountain bike.

Most of the kid’s bicycles intended for kids with ages between 8 and 12 might resemble the smaller versions of the mountain bikes for adults. Again, it is crucial to consider the riding preferences of the child and fit those choices to the types of kid’s bikes.

Over 12 years

And finally, if you have a kid with an age of 12 years and over, a 24-inch bike might already be a good choice. In fact, those kids that are bigger for their age could manage a small-framed 26-inch wheel adult bike, mainly if they are already more experienced riders.

Nevertheless, it is better to purchase a bike that fits instead of buying one to grow into.

Take a look at this table to be more guided when it comes to kid’s bike sizing guide:


Child’s Height


Bike Size (from wheel diameter)

2 to 5 years old

26 to 36 inches

 66 to 91 centimeters

14 to 18 inches

 35 to 45 centimeters

12 inches

4 to 8 years old

34 to 42 inches

 86 to 107 centimeters

16 to 22 inches

 40 to 56 centimeters

14 inches

6 to 9 years old

42 to 48 inches

 107 to 122 centimeters

20 to 24 inches

 51 to 61 centimeters

18 inches

8 to 12 years old

48 to 56 inches

 122 to 142 centimeters

22 to 25 inches

 55 to 63 centimeters

20 inches

Over 9 years old

50 to 62 inches

 127 to 156 centimeters

24 to 28 inches

 60 to 72 centimeters

 24 inches

Kid’s Bikes Safety Tips 

Of course, as parents, we want our kids to be happy as they go biking, but we also think about their safety. Apart from providing them with the best bike that suits them, monitoring and guiding them to be safe must also be considered.

Here, I will give you some bike safety tips for your kids to have a safety cycling journey. Please consider these suggestions below:

Always make sure that your kid will wear a helmet before you let him go biking. To reduce head injury from bicycle crashes, wearing a helmet is definitely a must.

But of course, you need to find the right helmet fit for your kid. Still, you can let the kids pick their helmet as they would more likely to enjoy wearing it on every ride. Teach your kids to wear the helmet correctly as well.

Remember this: A helmet must sit on top of the head within a level position and must not rock forward, side to side or backward. The straps of the helmet should always be buckled, yet not too tight.

Proper accessories and maintenance 

If the kids are sitting in the bike’s seat, the feet must touch the ground. And before the ride, you have to make sure that their reflectors which are secured, that the brakes work correctly, the tires are secured tightly and inflated well, and the gears smoothly shift too.

Since loose or long clothing could get caught in the bike chains or the wheel spokes, you need to dress your kids appropriately for a safer ride.

Always Keep an Eye Out

You also need to supervise the children act up until you are already comfortable that they are already responsible for riding by themselves.

Be a Role Model and Teach Good Behavior

Parents are the one who teach the kids how to ride the right way.

Indeed, kids will learn a lot from you, so it is essential to show proper behavior like showing them the importance of wearing a helmet. You might as well teach them to make eye contact with drivers.

It is best that you tell the kids to ride on the right side of the road having traffic not against it. You could also use hand signals and must teach them to respect traffic signals.

Being a good example will help a lot in letting your child learn the proper way of biking.

These tips are essential to ensure the safety of your kids. So, better be guided well!


Every parent or adult has a role in making the kid’s biking a lot more successful and more fun! With the information provided above, I assumed you'd got great ideas that will help you in guiding your kid.

How to choose a kid bike with right type and size of bikes for your kid is also a matter of preferences. More than following the guide tackled earlier; I also advised that you ask the opinions of the kids. After all, they are the ones to ride these bikes and enjoy riding. It is only your role to be an aid for them to pick the best one! 

Let your child enjoy and reap the benefits of cycling!

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