The Secret of How to Cut Chain of Your Bike

When it comes to maintaining the high performance of your bike, changing or cutting the chain has to be a constant thing, among other aspects that need to be taken into consideration. In this article, we will cover when and how to cut chain. That will help you do it easily. You will learn step by step what to do and how to be successful at it!

In Which Case We Need to Cut the Bike Chain

When your bike chain needs to be cut, certain signs let you know about it. Usually, a good hint that the bike chain needs to be cut is when the bike does not shift as easily as it used to. Another hint is when you experience chain slip while you are riding your bike. If your chain is falling off your bike's cog while you are riding it, you can try to tighten your bike chain first, if after you tighten you chain and above issues could not be solved, you certainly need to cut it.

In time, if you do not cut your bike chain, it will stretch and become loose. That will affect the quality of your bike and the entire process of riding. Check the chain every time you feel there is something wrong with your bike.

How to Cut Chain of Your Bike

To cut chain of your bike, you need to follow some steps and use necessary tools in the process. Some required tools are as follows:

  • Chain breaker (cutter)
  • Pin
  • Chain cleaner
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrench
  • Chain ring nut wrench
  • Chain rivet tool
  • Chain whip


1. Get a universal chain tool

You need a universal chain tool so that you can cut the bike chain easily. This tool will be useful when you want to push the pins out of the chain that is too long. And it will allow link removal as much as you need. However, you can purchase a specific tool for the model of the chain, if you identify the producer and the details of it correctly.

2. Buy a special reassembly pin and start you work

Some bike chains will need a special reassembly pin. If you do not have that pin, you will not be able to put it back together. Once you are ready to start, place your bike on a bicycle stand that will keep it in place while you remove the bike chain. If you want to remove it easier, you can place the bike upside down for better access to the chain.

3. Cleaning the chain

Cleaning the chain when it is dirty is also very important. So, after removing the chain, use a special chain cleaner to disperse any grease or dirt from the chair's surface. If the chain is clean, you will spend less time handling it. And it will be easier for you find out the master link.

4. Find out the master link and remove it

Some chains have a master link. You can find the master link easily because it has a different shade of color than the other ones. Its color will either be lighter or darker. Once you found the master link, if your bike chain has it, you should rotate the pedals until the master link gets to be between the two gears. That will help to access it easier. Next, you will have to take off the master link. You should put it in a place where you will be able to pick it up from easy when you are done.

5. Decide the length to cut and remove

After removing the master link, you are ready to cut the chain. First of all, you will need to decide how much of it are you going to cut and remove. Consider taking off few links, and in case that was not enough you can always take off more. If you start by taking off many links at once there will be no way to go back. As a result, you will end up with a bike chain that will be too small for your bike.

6. Start to cut your bike chain

You should begin from the end that is not connected to the master link and hold it in place while you cut. If there is no master link in your bike chain, you can start cutting it at any end you prefer. And the result will be the same. To cut the bike chain properly, you will need to queue the hit on the tool above the link’s pin that you want. Turn your handle upon the chain tool and stop whenever the pin tends to be apparent of the external plate, but it is still joined into the link.

Bike Tool For Cutting Chain By Separating Link Pin

Cut the chain by using the chain cutter.

7. Cut the following pins

Be careful not to shove the pin out of the links from the first because it will be hard for you to put the chain back together once you finish the cutting process. This is where the tool made especially for cutting your bike chain. And it will be extremely useful for you if you are familiar with using it the right way. You can repeat the same process for the following pins that you want to cut.

8. Remove the links

After using the chain tool, remove the links that you want to cut from the chain. You should try only to take off a few links that enough for your chain to have the size that you want and fit your bike. Usually, you should remove one to five links. Do not remove more than 5 ones. Consider that if the chain is way too short, the links will have to handle more stress and pressure during your riding. That can be dangerous for both you and the bike. You can save the links for repairing in the future in case you need it with. Do not throw them away quite yet.

9. Putting the chain back together on the bike

After cutting your bike chain, all you have left to do is putting it back together on the bike. You have to put the master link on the chain as well. You might need some screwdrivers or pliers to fix it in place. You can also loosen the bike chain if you consider it necessary because sometimes it might be too rigid after being putted back on the bike. Finally, your last step is to add oil to protect the chain and increase its life. And it is also recommended to improve the shifting performance.


That is all you need to know about when and how to cut chain of your bike. Taking care of your bike chain is important not only for your safety, even if that is the main reason, but also for the quality of your bike and the way it can provide a quality riding time for you. You will need to check on your bike chain constantly to see if it needs to be replaced or cut. Then, you can make that decision based on the signs that you notice. If your bike chain is constantly cut to your needs, you might not need to replace the chain so often.

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