How to Install Training Wheels

Before we look at how to install training wheels, we should know the purpose of using it. They are attached to the rear wheel of a kid’s bikes to provide balance and prevent accidents. The wheels come in different shapes and sizes. However, you need to know the size of your kid's bike in order to find the right wheel in the market.

As kids grow, there comes a time when they get interested in biking. However, unlike grownups who have mastered the art of balancing and pedaling a bike, kids are just starting out on biking. It is because of this that they struggle a lot with the bikes. Unfortunately, this struggle causes many kids to have accidents and in the worst case scenarios, suffer bad injuries. Therefore, it is important to ensure that kid bike is well fitted with the right training wheels.

As your child starts biking, you will need to install training wheels. Such wheels will give you peace of mind knowing that your child can ride the bike without the risk of falling or getting into accidents. In addition, these wheels give your child confidence in biking. Although it is very easy to installing training wheels, you should have the right tools for the job. A wrong installed wheel is dangerous not only for your child but also other people surrounding them. Nevertheless, if you install the training wheel in the right manner, you will be sure that your kids are safe to ride bicycle.

Little boy on bicycle with training wheels

Little boy on bicycle with training wheels

Since the introduction of training wheels, children have had an easy time learning how to bike. This is because; the wheels provide them with balance while at the same time reducing the risks of falling.

How to Install Training Wheels – The Tools Needed

As you learn how to install training wheels, it is important to note the tools needed for the job. This includes:

  • 15mm wrench (or the wrench which fit the size of your kid bike's bolt)
  • An adjustable wrench

The video below present how to install training wheels for a kid's bike. You can refer it before go to the detail instruction steps below the video.

Step 1

To begin the process of installing training wheels, you need to first use the adjustable wrench to loosen the bolt on one side of the rear wheel. While doing this, hold the bolt on the opposite side with the other wrench so as prevent the wheel from spinning. After the nut is out, place it on the ground taking note of the direction the bolt was facing on the hub.

Step 2

Align the training wheel hole with the central bracket where you removed the bolt before ensuring that it fits well. Also, ensure that the axle end has enough space to fit both the training wheel and the bolt when tightening back.

Step 3

Slowly attach the bolt again and using your hand to ensure that the thread fits well. This will make it easy for you to do further tightening using a wrench. In addition, tightening the bolt with your fingers will not only hold the training wheel back in place but also, give room for more adjustment when the need arises.

Step 4

Move over to the other side and attach the other training wheel. You should follow the same process as in the other wheel.

Step 5

The last step is to adjust the height of the two training wheels by ensuring that they are about 3 to 6mm above the ground when the bike is standing upright. You can estimate this measurement by placing shims under the two wheels. This will ensure that they are equally raised from the ground. The shim can be objects such as a piece of wood, stone block or a book. This is provided that the two pieces have the same thickness.

Step 6

Once you achieve the right height for each training wheel, you should use the wrench to fully tighten the bolt into place. Secure the wheels by putting the right amount of torque on the bolts.


After installing training wheels, it is important to perform periodic inspections from time to time. At least once every month, you should ensure that the bolt on the back axle in place is tight and secure. And the training wheel clearance from the ground must be the same on the both sides. This is to provide your child with the same level of balance when riding the bike.

Successive Adjustments

As you master how to install training wheels, it is imperative to conduct successive adjustments based on how your child is growing up. It is advisable to increase the ground clearance height so as to promote your kids skills in both riding and balancing. While doing the adjustment, you should do the following steps:

  • Check  if both wheels are well inflated
  • Put the bike on a clear and flat surface
  • Unwind the nut on the rear axle and set the right ground clearance on both training wheels
  • Finish by tightening the axle wheels.
  • As the child grows, you should increase the height between the training wheel and the ground. This should however be based on the kid’s skills in balancing and turning.

Care and Maintenance

For proper care and maintenance of the training wheels, you are only required to do some cleaning. No oiling is needed.


Training wheels are very important for kids who are learning how to ride a bicycle. As a result, you should master training wheel installation procedure at home so that you can do it at your own convenience.

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