Cycling Advices: How to Remain Safe on the Road


Biking is a motion activity and just like other physical activities, there is a risk of accident. That is why, from the onset, riders are asked to wear protective clothing before hitting the road with their bikes. There are many instances where you can be at risk on the road with your bike. Mostly, when you are in traffic filled areas, you may find that you are at risk of engaging in an accident. Also, children are at a particular risk of getting into cycling accidents. Therefore it is important to take measures in order to avoid getting into cycling accidents and how to remain safe on the road

The risks involved in riding a bike are primarily dependent on the area that you live in. As a rule of thumb, taking a dedicated biking path is much safer than doing urban or off-road riding. This is because the latter two are filled with motorists and obstacles that increase the risk of an accident by tenfold.  Therefore, it is advisable to go with the biking path that will guarantee you of safety and control.

Where can I start?

When looking to observe safety while biking, it is advisable to go with the best choices available. One of the things that you can do is to ensure that you have the right gear for riding your bike on the road. This includes the protective gears such as helmets, gloves and knee pads. In addition, you should wear the right biking clothes that will protect you against the weather. Furthermore, the right biking gear has reflective materials that ensure that you can easily be seen on the road. This makes things easy as you will be protected from serious injuries should you get involved in a biking accident.

Another thing to look at is whether your bike in good working condition. There are some biking accidents that are caused by bicycles that have malfunctioned. This either causes the cyclist to lose control or the bike to fail to stop in the required period of time.  Although many people ignore this, a good functioning bike can play a big role in avoiding an accident. The good thing is that, there some good repair personnel who can work on your bike.

Ensure your bike at good condition before every ride.

Also, it is important to follow the regulations on the road. Different jurisdictions have different road regulations that are followed by road users in the regions. Therefore, it is advisable to follow rules such as speed limits, dedicated lanes as well as traffic control.  Doing this will enhance your safety on the road. This is given that the said rules are used to govern everyone on the road.  Also, it is important to keep to the known biking trails on the road. There are many trails that are just set for cyclists. Following them will help you a lot in remaining safe on the road.  

If you have a child, you can consider carrying them in a trailer. Biking trailers are common nowadays as they help carry either children or pets with ease. However, many people are not fans of the rear trailers for they not only take up much space but also, make riding a bike harder. As a result, people are opting for trailers that they can attach on the front end of their bikes. These can make riding with a child easy and safe. In addition, you can see the child as you are moving on the road.

How to Remain Safe on the Road?

Below are some tips that you can have to make biking safe for you and those around. They include:

  • Avoid cycling on the pavement. To begin with, cycling on the pavement is illegal. In addition, it presents hazards to the rider lights, benches, road signs and cars that are pulling away.
  • Beware of the junctions. Junctions are another place where cyclists have a particular risk. You may beat a blind spot and the driver may not see you as you approach a junction.  Also, you might not be able to tell the speed of the oncoming vehicles from the junction and thus, it is advisable to move to the side of a road so that you can see the junction clearly. In addition, this makes you more visible to other road users.
  • Pass parked cars safely. You should give enough distance when passing parked cars so that you can avoid crashing if the occupants opened the door without notice. Also, make sure that you are more visible to drivers when they want to pull away.
  • Wear reflector clothing. Wear high visibility clothing and install reflectors on your bicycle. This will ensure that oncoming motorists can see you both in the dark and on poorly lit streets. However you shouldn’t rely on the jackets alone. Ensure that the drivers can see you.
  • Touch your brakes. When approaching junctions,  make sure that your hands are on top of the brakes so that, if anything happens, you will be able to stop in due time.  You should also brake when you think that a driver has not seen you.


Every time we reach the road on the saddle, we always want to have a good riding tour. Above sharing information will help you to pay more attention on how to remain safe on the road. Cycling is a nice activity with many benefits. So try to keep yourself safe and enjoy your great biking time.

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