How to Remove Bike Pedals?

Some new bicycle owner may feel that removing bike pedals can be very challenging. This is especially when you have never carried out the procedure before. However, if you have ever done it, you will think that the procedure is very simple. But making a mistake when removing pedals can lead to damages very costly. For example, you could damage the threads on the pedal which will lead to it unusable to install new pedals. Below, we will look at the procedure followed on how to remove bike pedals. If you follow this procedure correctly, you will easily change the pedals but at the same time prevent damages on the pedals/crank arms.

Removing the pedals is not a difficult job need professional person, any people can do it but need to be very accurate while doing it. Because, this procedure usually confuses people by the threads on each set of crank turn in the opposite directions. The designers of the pedals saw that, if the pedals turned in the same direction, the process of pedaling would tighten the pedals even tighter and this would make removing them very difficult. The design also means that if the pedals get jammed, it could simply unscrew itself other than mangle your legs.

Whether you are removing your bike pedals in order to pack the bike for transporting the bike, store it or to install a new set, following the tips below will make the whole process a breeze.

The procedure of how to remove bike pedals

how to remove bike pedals

Tool you may need:

Allen Key


New pedals


1. Protect your knuckles

When beginning the process of removing bike pedals, it is important to protect your knuckles first. You can begin by shifting the chain into the big ring. Doing this would ensure that any slip will not result into a chain-ring related injury on your hands.  This task is best handled when the bike is resting up from the ground and not suspended on the air on a bike stand.

2. Start with the left side

Beginning on the drive side, put the crank on the 9-o'clock position. This makes it point forward, parallel to the ground. Most pedals will accept an Allen key to the back or a spanner on the front side. Insert the Allen key in a way that it sits just below the crank. With a small force, push the Allen key down and forward, there by turning it anticlockwise. Now you finished removing the first pedal.

3. Move on the right side

At this point, move to the other side and place the crank in the 9 o’clock position. Repeat the process as before by pushing the Allen key down and forward. This time around, the pedal will move in the clockwise direction. After this, spin the pedal off. When removing the pedal, remember to keep any washer that falls of as you will need them when replacing the pedal on the bike.

* In some case, you have to use the wrench instead of the Allen key.

4. Clean up and inspect

Give the threads on the axle and inside the crank a quick wipe before looking for any signs of damage. If the threads are worn, you can get a thread seal tape to enhance the threads. However, this will tends to be a problem when the pedals were very difficult to remove in future.

Thread seal tape

5. Apply some grease

If you are happy with the threads on the axle or crank, its time to apply some grease on them. this will not only reduce the chances of squeaking when riding the bike, but also  makes it easy to unscrew them the next time you want to remove them. It is also a good idea to put some grease on the pedal axle as well.


6. Replace new pedals

The next thing is to replace the pedals. Look on them to identify the one for the right and left of the bike. At this point, replace any washer that was on the pedal before screwing it back in place. Use as little force as possible when threading the pedals back in place. This is to prevent cross threading that can cause damage on the pedal and axle. Each pedal will tighten by turning towards the front of the bike.

Some pedals type you may need:

Road Bike Pedal

Hybrid Bike Pedal


Commuting Bike Pedal

You can watch this video on youtube from Global Cycling Network for good instruction on how to remove bike pedals


Now you known how to remove bike pedals, you can remove and replace pedals on your bike easily when you have the right instruction on how to do it. But before riding the bike, it is important to ensure that the pedals are tight and secure before riding the bike. This will keep you safe while preventing more damage to the pedal.

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