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Many people use bicycles today not only because of their transport but also, doing exercises and having fun with the bikes. However, most of these people do not make the well arrangements on how to store a bike before they buy it. When you buy a bike, you -should be prepared on how to store a bike so as to protect them from the bad elements. Unfortunately, people still leave their bike locked outside, leaning on a wall or just standing on the parking lot. Doing this not only leads to damages on the bikes but also increase chances of theft. When bikes are left outside, they are exposed to elements such as sunlight, snow, rain and dust. This leads to premature damages on the bikes thereby rendering them unusable or less durable.

As we continue to look at How to store a bike, it is important to note that the best places to store your bike is inside your apartment, home, gear-shed and even garage. You can find some kickstands or wall mounts on whereto keep your bike safely.  

Things You Need to do before Bike Storage

Clean your bike carefully before storing: After the riding journey, your bike will get dirty by the running through the mountain bike trails, or moving on bare ground roads, especially the muddy roads after the rain. Make sure that you wash and your bike, make it clean and dry before store it.

Add lubricant to moving parts: the moving part such as chain, chain rings, cog, derailleur to protect them from rust during a long time storing, also ensure your bike can work well whenever you need to use it.

Furthermore, if you are looking to store your bike in the long term, you need to find some bike covers that will protect your bike from the elements both at the store and during transportation of the bike on a vehicle.

Factors to Consider When Storing a Bike

When thinking of storing your bike there are some factors that you need to consider in the process.  This includes:

  • Space. Space that you have for storing your bike will play an important role in determining the type of bike storage that you will go for.  If you have smaller space, you will find that methods that let you store your bike vertically with the wheels perpendicular to the wall will require the least space for storage. On the other hand, there are bike storage methods that allow you to place the bike high up while it runs parallel with the wall. This method is ideal for apartment dwellers with little space. However, it is advisable to ensure that the bike does not interfere with the other elements that you have at home. For example, it should be high enough to allow you to walk around your home with no disturbances at all.
  • Bike weight. Another important consideration to make when storing a bike is the weight of the bike. You should ensure that the rack of your choice and the wall of your house can hold the weight of the bike. This is to prevent accidents that could happen when the bike tumbles down. If you live in a rented house, you may need to seek the approval of the landlord before installing bike mounts.
  • Security factor. If you intend to store your bike in a place where it is accessible by other people, you may want to consider putting a mount that comes with a lock. This is to increase safety so as to deter potential thieves.
  • Wall protection. If you are installing a bike protection in your home, consider installing a mount that protects your walls against grease and dirt from your bicycles. The best racks in the market come with a plastic housing that prevents both the bike and the wheels from touching the walls while in storage.
  • Wheel size. Last but not least, you need to look at the wheel size. If you want to install a bike rack on the floor, make sure that its wheel well can accommodate the size of your bike wheel.  
  • Environment. The environment around the keeping place needs to be safe to your bike. Do not store your bike at high temperature and humidity, avoid direct sunlight and keep it far away the working electric appliances.

How to Store a Bike

There are many ways of storing a bike. The methods for storing the bike vary from wall mounts, floor racks and ceiling mounts. The main motives of storing your bikes is  keeping it high enough to avoid dust and dirt, stable enough to prevent it from getting knocked over.  You can store your bike in one of the following ways:

  • Kickstands. Kickstands are important tools for keeping your bike upright in the garage. They are particularly ideal with tour bikes because they can hold them even when loaded.
  • Floor stands. Floor stands are just like kickstands but are placed on the floor. They are however ideal to hold just one bike at a time.
floor stand rack

A single floor stand - Amazon.com

  • Free standing racks. These are ideal for apartments and garages where you cannot mount racks on the wall. The good thing with free standing racks is that they are not only easy to clean but also can be moved from one place to another with ease. Most free standing racks can accommodate two bikes.
free standing rack

Free standing rack - Amazon.com

  • Gravity stands. Gravity stands rely on the weight of the bike as well as the wall to stabilize the set up. The stands can hold two bikes.
  • Wall mounts. Wall mounts are one of the most popular bike storage systems available and come in a wide variety of designs. They include a simple hook, hinges, hook and tray and horizontal wall mounts.  The best mounts in the market can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of your bike. The mount is ideal for those with limited storage spaces.
wall mount

Bike hanging on wall mount

  • Ceiling mounts. If you have a large number of bikes t store in your hose, you may consider getting some ceiling mounts. These are not only easy to set up but also, hold a large number of bikes. The good thing is that the mounts can help you utilize the amount of space found on top of your garage thereby leaving the other spaces for other things. Unfortunately, there are some ceiling mounts that hang too high on the wall and you will require a ladder to access them. On the other hand, the bike might be too heavy for you to lift alone and this might require you to get help from friends. Nonetheless, they are ideal for storing bikes off season.
  • Hoist bike storage. Just like the ceiling mounts, hoist bike storage systems raise your bikes high in the air so that they can free up the space underneath. Unlike other types of storage systems available, hoist bike storage systems are very convenient for you can raise them to the desired height without any assistance at all.
Hoist bike storage

Hoist bike storage - Amazon.com


Storing a bike is very important for it not only preserves their nice condition, but also always keeps them in good working order. We have covered the different ways of storing your bike above. Now you have already known how to store a bike. Let your bike have a nice break time before next ride.

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