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Not many of us can ride a bike without holding onto the handlebars. However, no-handed riding is an important skill that can come handy in both racing and fun riding. Whether you want to take water or wear a jacket, learning how to ride a bike with no hands on the bar is very important. Some cyclists with this skill take the opportunity to show off on the street when riding. They see the act as cool. This is because; many people are amazed by bikers who sit straight on the saddle while their hands are off handlebars. While you think of “I can ride my bike with no handlebars”, it is important to note that your balance and control should be as good as when you are riding with hands on the bars.

The Basics


One of the main worries that people have when riding with no-handed is how to control their bikes. Luckily, you can make some body-movements in order to control both the bike balance and motion direction. For example, a cyclist can move their hips in the direction they want to steer the bike. As you learn how to ride with no-hands, it is important to move your hips and see how the bike behaves. However, you should have at least one hand always ready to put on the bar in order to avoid falling. The key to learning this skill is to ensure that you are seating upright and that your body is not leaning forward.

Be calm and relaxed

Riding no-handed requires one to be calm and relaxed. This will help in keeping balance while at the same time focusing on the road ahead. When you are relaxed, you can easily steer the bike into any direction that you wish. Also, it is important to note that cyclists need to gain some speed so that they can maintain momentum and balance. To ensure that you are moving at the right speed, you have to be faster than a jogging athlete. Also, hard pedaling will help you keep a straight line.


As you encourage yourself that “I can ride my bike with no handlebars”, it is important to know that you need a wide space to learn the skill. This is to not only provide enough space for moving side to side but also, to avoid hitting on other things on the road. As a general rule however, you should avoid trying this skill in traffic or congested areas.

Also, it is only when you have mastered the skill that you can safely try in the company of other bikers.

Steps to Follow When Riding a Bike No-Handed

Before going to below steps, please keep in mind that we need to check your bike carefully before the ride. The bike should be even itself (for example: some people set one mirror for left side on handlebars only, the weight of the left mirror will make the handlebars not balanced and very difficult to control when you get your hands off the handlebars), and all other things on the bike have to work smoothly.

Step 1

Find enough space to practice no-hand bike riding.  The right place to try this skill should have a long, smooth and straight road with very little traffic. If you can, find a straight road with a slight downhill slope to help you move without pedaling as this will help in maintaining your speed.

Step 2

When you have a road and your bike ready, it’s time to begin no-handed riding. Start with pedaling your bike fast. In so doing, you should aim at accelerating the bike to speed so as to maintain your stability. To achieve that, you should choose a higher gear as this will offer some resistance when riding.

Step 3

Find the right seating position. The next step is to ensure that you are seating comfortably and upright at the back of the saddle. This will distribute your body weight evenly on both wheels of the bike. Also, you should juggle your body weight between the saddle and the pedals. This will ensure that your center of gravity is low so that you can maintain the stunt for a longer distance without losing balance. 

Step 4

At this point, you should be comfortable with the thought of getting your hands off the handlebars. You can first begin by riding your bike with one hand. Once you are comfortable with it, you can let go of the hand but keep it hovering over the handlebars. This is to ensure that they are close enough so that you can take control of the bike and avoid falling when you become nervous. The act of hovering your hands over the bar ensures that, when necessary, you can regain control of the bike quickly.

At this point, you can comfortably get both of your hands off the handlebars but still, remember to keep them about one inch close so that you can control the bike when you feel like falling.

Step 5

When you let go of the handlebars, you should peddle as smoothly as you can. And to enhance your control and stability, you should move your legs in virtual circles. Also, the good thing is that, when you get confident with moving in a straight line, you can try making turns by leaning on the side. To turn effectively, you need to move your lower body in the direction that you want to turn. However, you should remember to keep your upper body in an upright posture while pointing your knees in the direction you wish to turn.

To ensure that you master the skill-fully, try no-hands riding on every new bike that you can find and remember, always keep your weight on the saddle.

You can also refer the short video below to see how to ride the bike with no-handed, the instruction is similar to above steps.

Benefits of Riding a Bike with No-Handed

I guess that somebody can confidently say that “I can ride my bike with no handlebars”. No-handed riding skill brings you several benefits. This includes:

  • The ability to do other things. As you are racing, you have no time to stop your bike in order to take food or change your hat or jacket. Instead, you do these things while the bike is still on the move. That is why skills such as no-hand riding come in handy.
  • Stunt riding. Another benefit of riding your bike with no hands on the bar is to enable you makes stunts that excite people. As a result, you can pass through the street and impress your peers.
  • Builds confidence. Riding with no-handed builds on your confidence in biking. This is because, the skill is tricky and when you master it fully; you are able to hold your bike with more confidence.

Risks Involved

There are several risks that are involved in riding a bike with no hands. This includes:

Crashing to other objects

Without hold the handlebars, just a second of losing control your bike, it is very dangerous if you crash into the trees, the traffic light posts, people, or other vehicle on the street. If you want to practice the skill, the best way is avoid do no-hands riding on the traffic area, if you are mastered the skill and feel confident to show off, also always make sure to keep safety for yourself and  for others.


There is a high chance of falling when riding a bike with no hands. This is because; you are not in full control of the bike at that time. Your bike may hit a stone on the road; it could lose balance and fall.

Damaging the bike

Another risk involved in riding a bike with no hands is doing damage to the bike. Should the handlebar turn abruptly, you could end up falling and damaging the bike. The extent of this damage is dependent on the speed with which you were riding the bike.


As a result of crashing and falling, you can get some minor injury; or unluckily, some with the major injury as broken your bone or something…To reduce the impact of each time of crashing or falling, remember to equip yourself with helmet and protection pad before you start to practice or doing no-hands riding.


Many people tell themselves that “I can ride my bike with no handlebars”. Unfortunately, when they proceed to do the trick, they meet a lot of difficulties. Riding with no hands is a special skill that requires lots of time and commitment to learn and do effectively. When you master it, it can enable you to wear a rain jacket without stopping the bike. In addition, you can impress your friends as well.

If you have something to ask or add on the topic, feel free to engage us in the comment box below. We are always glad to hear from you.

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