Michigan Bike Rides: This Is What Professionals Do

It is an open secret that Michigan is one of the best places in the United States of America. Here bike riders can go for an all-around fun. There are a lot of bike rides, and charming and friendly communities to explore. However, irrespective of the time of the year one wants to visit; there are wide arrays of fun and adventure for one to have, especially with Michigan bike rides. With different bike rides to choose from, the below are some of the most interesting and captivating options.

Top 13 of Michigan Bike Rides

1. Boyne City Michigan Road Bike Rides

From time immemorial, tourists from virtually all parts and regions of the world have been flocking Charlevoix. Some people love its sparkling nature, especially on beautiful sunny days. Other people want to choose this place for biking because the town is located between Lakes Michigan, Charlevoix and Round. Others, on the other hand, say it is because of the sparkling commercial sales in the appealing tourist shops. However, whatsoever the reason may be, it is an excellent and ideal start for a scenic ride.

The historic Horton Bay General Store, Charlevoix, Boyne City and the Ironton Chain Ferry amongst others are some of the most prominent things to see in this town.

2. Rogers City Michigan Road Bike Rides

Unlike most other Michigan bike rides, the Rogers city Michigan road bike ride is distinctive. This place is characterized by a waterfall and a lighthouse that is friendly to the locals. The Ocqueoc Falls, which is the largest waterfall in the Lower Peninsula, is a very popular local picnic. The 40 Mile Point Lighthouse is a brick lighthouse with an extremely pleasant face. To a certain extent, it is seen as an unusual square lighthouse tower. In a real sense, it looks like an extremely comfortable house as opposed to most people. Other parts are the open extension of Lake Huron and highly traveled roads. However, owing to its location in Huron, the seafaring history of this city is long.

3. Lexington Bike Rides

Different bike rides are passing through the countryside surrounding Lexington, Michigan. The Chaingang Bicycle and Adventure Club have developed them. However, they vary in length, usually from 10 to 40 miles. Although the impressive natural surroundings are predominantly country farms and Lake Huron, bicycling in Lexington is relatively flat and easy peddling. It has a very low traffic volume, which is a great treat to most city cyclists. Most of city roads are dangerous for biking. However, cyclists should consider their insufficient width and potholes. For this reason, cyclists should wear a helmet and pay attention to different changing conditions.

4. Grand Ledge Michigan Road Bike Rides

Cyclists can easily access Grand Ledge Michigan Road Bike Rides. Interestingly, its departure point makes an extremely good pre- or post- ride excursion. This ride travels rural roads south of the small community that passes through the centennial farms. Amazingly, it is one of the best Michigan bike rides for experienced road cyclists that are looking for relaxed and low-traffic rides.

5. Whitehall Michigan Road Bike Rides

Amazingly, most cyclist tends to sample Michigan's best on the White Lake Challenge. So, the route follows twisting roots through orchards, small towns and along Lake Michigan shoreline. The white lake challenge has a set-off point. These are the twin cities of Whitehall and Montague that are located on the opposite sides of the White Lake.

6. Alamo Michigan Road Bike Rides

The Alamo Michigan road started from the Kalamazoo side of the Kal-Haven Sesquicentennial Trail State Park. This 34-mile was opened in 1989. It runs between Kalamazoo and South Haven on a deserted rail corridor. Unlike other sites, this first half side of the ride is easy going. Conversely, the second half is not suggested for the faint of the knee.

7. Adrian Area Parks

Adrian Area Parks consists of different streets with bike lanes. These streets (with bike lanes) are ideal for riding around town. There are also a wide range of bike lanes along Maumee Street and Beecher Street. Students at Adrian College and Siena Heights University usually ride their bikes to different restaurants and stores amongst others that are around Adrian. Because Madison, McKenzie Street, and Winter Street amongst others have wide shoulders, most cyclists tend to ride outside the street lanes without actually encountering challenges.

8. Boyne City Michigan Road Bike Rides

For good reasons, tourists from different parts of the world have been flocking Charlevoix ever since the 1800s. Firstly,  the town is located between Lakes Michigan, Charlevoix and Round. Secondly, there are many attractive tourist shops with the sparkling merchandise. Thirdly, cyclists can see the Historic Horton Bay General Store, and the Ironton Chain Ferry amongst others.

9. Harvey Michigan Road Bike Rides

This ride consists of two halves. While the first half travels a favorite route of Marquette cyclists, the second half, on the other hand, is a favorite of tourists and locals. However, both halves present great scenic views of Lake Superior, rolling hills, and Marquette landmarks.

Cyclists can see many place such as Presque Isle Park, Marquette County Courthouse, Maritime Museum, and Lighthouse Etcetera on this bike ride. Interestingly, this bike ride is an encapsulation of aesthetically pleasing and glowing grassy areas having picnic tables, restrooms and drinking water etcetera.

10. Copper Harbor Michigan Road Bike Rides

Copper Harbor Michigan Road Bike Rides is not only one of the most visually impressive Michigan Bike Rides but also the most challenging. As a result, cyclist could receive a great payoff for his or her efforts. It is situated in the northern Keweenaw Peninsula.

11. Bay City Michigan Road Bike Rides

Starting on the river walk, the route of this bike ride runs along the bank of the Saginaw River. Unlike most other bike rides, this bike ride has a beach walkway (made of boards) featuring markers. Hence, giving the history of the lumber trade and sawmill that are located in the area. Saginaw River and Rail-Trail are some of the things one is sure of seeing on this bike ride.

13. Grand Haven Michigan Road Bike Rides

To a good number of individuals, Grand Haven is well known for three things. These are; its musical fountain-water dancing, Coast Guard Festival (usually celebrated in August every year), and parades and water shows. Furthermore, it is also well-known for its biker-friendly roads. Interestingly, this route rides on low-quality roads and bike paths through the Grand Haven boardwalk.


In summary, Michigan is well-known for excellent bike rides, and you have just read the summary of the fourteen top most bike rides in the town. With these different bike rides to choose from, there are, of course, different options, based on individual differences, with personal preference, with riding style and what is most important to you. Interestingly, they all have a bit to offer to a wide range of cyclists.

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