Should You Buy an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes have created a niche in the bicycle market for good reasons. And there are no signs of them leaving any time soon. If you are considering the viability of buying an electric bike, but you are not quite sure about the pros and cons of getting one. It will be a good thing that you have come to the right place. In this topic, based on the researches, we are happy to give you some good analyses. They can help you get more basic information on everything you need to know when considering should you buy an electric bike.

Electric bike

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Benefits of Electric Bike Owners

Let us first start with the benefits of having an electric bike. Below advantages are just a few reasons why you should buy an electric bike for yourself. Or you can make it to be an amazing gift for anyone.

Huge Savings on Transportation Costs

First of things, electric bikes are capable of virtually reducing present transportation costs. Whether you take the bus, subway, ride-share, or even drive your own vehicle to work, to social events or to personal activities. We are sure that you will not find a cheaper way to get around; excepting walking or normal cycling which you need to spend a lot calories and cannot reach as far distance as riding an electric bike.

Enjoy Outdoor

It really relax if after a busy or heavy working day, you can get a fresh air outdoor and enjoy the open roads. Riding around your home with an electric bike is less physical effort needed. It will not make you more exhausted after hard working day but it help to refresh your mind and power better. It really greater than sitting in front of a TV or stick your eyes to your smart phone whole evening.

Also for some kids, they may not love traditional cycling. But somehow, the electric bike can make them to go outdoor while a normal bicycle cannot. It still a great choice to make the kids far away from their whole day indoor video games.

Kid on an Electric Bike

Electric bike can make kid to love to go outside

Good Choice for Elderly or People with Health Issues

For old people or someone with health issues, riding a normal bicycle is not so that easy. It will cause pain or they will get exhausted very quick. Which need not spending much physical effort; electric bikes are good choice for them to go outside for working, shopping or just go around for fresh air by themselves without need to bothers other people.

Good for Environment

For any environmentally conscious consumer, electric bikes are definitely an obvious smart decision. With the current movement to transition away from traditional forms of transportation that rely on fossil fuels, to more sustainable forms of energy like solar and electric, “e-bikes” (as they are sometimes beloved referred to) are an excellent choice.

You can charge the electric bike easily at your home overnight. And you also can recharge at working place or school parking place if needed throughout the day. There is a lot ways for each of us choosing to do our part in keeping our environment clean, and an electric bike is one of the best ways to do that.

Reduce Short Distance Travel Time

Lastly, you may not agree, but for some people, this is the biggest benefit of purchasing an electric bike is being convenience. With reduced overall travel times, ease of navigation during heavy traffic commutes, using electric bike is a best choice for moving in short distance. Then, you can use the saving time better with friends and family. It is hard to look past the opportunity to have a bit more discretionary time to do the things you want in your life.

Drawbacks to Electric Bike Owners

Everything have it backside, now you will need to go through some below drawbacks when consider should you buy an electric bike.

Electric Bikes Can be Expensive

Firstly, it is certain that, an electric bike will have an average price higher than normal bicycles. With electric bikes running anywhere from $750 for lower tier models, and high-end models often running upwards to $10,000! Price will definitely be a big pain point for most people to consider.

No one wants to “break the bank”, so when making a purchasing decision, and deciding on whether or not to buy an electric bike is no cheap decision. With the expense of electric bikes being quite high overall relative to the function that they serve. You -the user- will want to sit down and analyze about the way you will use it in the future, the distance you will travel on it... Then decide should or shouldn't the added expense of the electric bike over a traditional bike, or any other form of comparable transportation for that matter, is truly worth it.

The next few hurdles are much less of a factor when considering the purchase of an electric bike, but they should still be factored into the decision making process.

Higher Repair and Maintenance Costs

Repairs and maintenance of electric bikes can be a bit more costly when compared to the repair costs associated with traditional bikes. Although the majority of parts on electric bikes are the same as those found on other types of bikes. But there are some unique and specialized mechanical parts that will be more expensive to purchase, and potentially more laborious to install.

There is no doubt about it; electric bikes are as much of a piece of modern technology, as they are feats of mechanical and electrical engineering. That being said, if something goes wrong with battery cells or electrical wiring systems, you most likely will not be able to take it to just any old bike shop.

With the reliance on specialized knowledge to repair and maintain electric bikes, comes an added cost to you, the owner. The frequency with which you use the bike, along with the intensity of that use, will dictate how soon and how often you will incur large maintenance costs.

Electric Bikes are Heavier than Traditional Bicycles

The other noteworthy potential drawback of electric bike ownership is their overall weight. With the exception of a few high-end road E-bikes, and even though E-bike models become lighter over time, the electric bike often heavier than most normal bicycles. Then sometime it cause trouble to a certain group of people, especially older people or health issues people when operate an electric bike on bad traffic condition.

The Limited of Electric Bike's Battery and Related Matters

All of us know that the electric bike have a certain distance it can travel each time. It depend on the specialize and quality of battery form manufacture. So you must calculate the travel way carefully to make sure it should not stop working at the middle of the road. In additional, although you can recharge it at working place or in some other places, it is not always you can easy find the place that you can recharge an electric bike then it becomes troublesome.

Another issue with E-bikes is that the battery will get weaker over time you use your bike. Until a day you have to replace your electric bike's battery, the replacement of batteries can be quite expensive.

Electric Bike Tour

Electric Bike Tour

Overall View

Now, we know you might be thinking, with so many positives and potential drawbacks associated with purchasing and owning an electric bike, how do I ultimately make a decision on what to do?”

There is no telling whether electric bike technology will be replaced with any better form of transportation in the near future. However, having an electric bike is so fun and convenience, You will love it if you can have one.

We think after read this article, you got information for consider all the things related to electric bikes. We hope that you have found this article helpful and informative in your decision making process.

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