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Although biking accidents are reducing in number in the recent years, it is important to master what to do in an event of an accident. The things you do immediately after an accident will not only determine how well you heal but also prevent future complication that results after a biking accident. Therefore, in this article, we are going to look at the things to do after a bike accident.

Things to Do After a Bike Accident

Safety measures to take after a bike accident

After you get involved in an accident, you need to take some additional measures to ensure that you are safe. This involves the following:

  • Take things slow. Some bicycle accident victims think that they are ok after an accident. However, when they try to stand, they fall down since they cannot support themselves. In the process, people find that they have been injured badly in the accident. It is therefore advisable to assess yourself to find out whether you have a problem or not. After that, you can engage in motion and assessing the damage of the accident.
  • Have a basic first aid. It is very lucky if everything is ok, but you should slowly check to feel any pain point on the whole of your body. If you recognize that you are wounded, immediately, you have to take first aid!  Especially, for serious wounds, when doing first aid, you need to stop blood from oozing out of cuts around your body. This is important for prolonged blood loss can be a life risk. You can use bandages to cover bigger cuts. Also, it s important to use an antiseptic in order to prevent infections. Most accident victims get worse after the accident largely because of the infections that they suffered on their open wounds. Ask for help if you cannot do something by yourself.
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Always bring first aid kit when cycling

  • Keep away from the traffic. It is important to move both yourself and the bike away from on coming traffic. This is to avoid risks that come with the flowing traffic.
  • Be cool. If you have been involved in an accident with another person be cool and not angry. Remember, no one likes to cause an accident. If you lose control at such time will cause more trouble for both.
  • Right after the accident, it is important for you to wait for the police to come to the accident scene so that they can make and file a police report about the accident. Unfortunately, there are cyclists who ignore this point especially when they have not been injured and thus, they do not wait for the police to come. However, they realize that they have been injured several hours after the accident and this brings them a lot of problems.  In other instances the bikers develops some minor injuries at the accident scene but later, these injuries develop into something more serious. If you don’t linger around the accident scene for a long time, you may never find the driver involved in the accident.
  • Also, do not attempt to negotiate with the driver because they sometimes accept liability for the accident and apologize but when you get to make a claim later, they either deny liability or deny that they were at the scene of the accident. To be safe, wait for the police to come in order to record everything in the police report. Also, waiting for police to make a report may help as he may issue the driver with a ticket which might be useful when making an insurance claim.  

Have the police record your version of events on their report

In most cases, police officers focus on the motorists/ drivers by asking them to recount the events leading to the accident. In so doing, they sometimes don’t bother talking to the cyclist. Therefore, you should make effort to explain your version of the story to the police man. In making your statement, remember to report all the injuries that you sustained from the accident. Remember, minor injures might later become serious. The good thing is that, if the policeman refuses to add your statement to the report, you can have it later amended.  

Get driver and witness contact information

If you can, get the drivers information. This includes his name, car registration number, driving license number, insurance, address as well as their phone numbers. In addition, you should try to get contact information for all the people who witnessed the accident.  Some people assume that the police report is going to have all this information. Unfortunately, they sometimes don’t record it. However, if you are injured so much, you should ask a bystander to get information on your behalf.

Ask for help if you need

Make notes about the accident

 It is also important to make notes about the accident and how it happened. If you are not in a position to do this at the accident scene, it is important to do it as soon as you can. This is to avoid instances where you can forget what happened at the scene of the accident. You can record what happened, where it happened, the time that it happened, the road where it happened, the traffic and the weather. This information is important when preserving the evidence.

Record your injuries

Whether you had some serious or minor injuries, you should seek medical attention soon after the accident has happened. By going to the hospital, you will have the injuries documented and this can act as proof that you actually suffered some injuries in the accident. In addition, you should have your injuries photographed sometimes after the accident. If possible, make a journal about your progress and make an entry every few days.

Record you injuries

Record you injuries

Keep the evidence

Another mistake that cyclists make after an accident is tampering with the evidence.  Leave your bike, helmet and other items in the same state that they were after the accident. Do not subject any of the items to cleaning or repair. If possible, send your bike, unwashed clothes, helmets and other items to your attorney. In addition, take photos of your damaged equipment.

Consult a law expert

Cycling accidents involving cars are complex issues that involve long legal tussles. Therefore, you should find a personal injury lawyer who not only understands the process of making a claim but also, has handled similar cases before. Such a legal expert can help you with:

  • Advise you on the steps to take
  • Negotiate with an insurance company
  • Represent you in a lawsuit

The rule of thumb here is to avoid talking to the insurance company directly. This is because; anything you say to the insurance company can be used against you in a court of law. Therefore, it is advisable to let your attorney handle things like sending messages to the insurance company. If they have an agreement at this stage, a settlement will be done. If they do not come into an agreement, the tussle can proceed to a trial.

There are times when you need to hire a bike accident expert to investigate the accident.  The professional can do more investigations to determine the cause and severity of the accident including getting skid mark measurements and making a rough diagram of the while accident scene. Doing so can make it easier for the attorney to present the case in a court of law.  


Biking accident can happen anytime in your biking adventure. It is therefore important to be prepared for any eventuality since you are not sure of when the inevitable might happen. Therefore, it is wise to carry all the items that you need to have when going out for an adventure. For example, beside you should have a multi tool, a spare tube, pump and a chain link..., you also should have a first aid kit including bandage and wrapping that you can use to cover a wound. It is always wise to be prepared the knowledge for a biking crash for it will determine how well you cope with the aftermath

If you have any idea about the things to do after a bike accident, please feel free to comment below.

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