Tips for Beginners to Ride an Electric Bike

Are Electric Bikes Difficult to Ride?

In the early 2000, Electric bicycles were an absurd idea for people because of the availability. But now that the time of technology came it has taken its place in peoples’ heart. Every cyclist’s dream is having an electric bicycle having the best specification.

After you got the dream electric bike, and you are quite new with this kind of vehicle. You are maybe a little clueless about the riding part or you are struggling with it. So are electric bike difficult to ride? Do not worries! Riding an e-bike is very easy. And we will have your back with tips for beginners to ride an electric bike that will change the way you think about electric bicycles. After playing with a commuter scooter, or a normal bicycle, it is time for enjoy new riding experience with an electric bike!

Get Used to the E-Bike -Tips for Beginners to Ride an Electric Bike

An electric bike is different from the regular bike that you always used before. So getting used to it will take some time. Practice in open places like the sideways. Before trying your new electric bike take all the safety measures. Safety is more important than enjoyment. Wear helmet and special clothe so that you do not get hurt even if there is small accident. If you are riding at night wear neon color dresses so that you are visible to people.

Also remember to do these few things so that you master electric bike riding:

Read All Instructions from Manufacturer

For a new electric bike owner, it is important to read the instruction from manufacturer. Although may be all electric bike seem have same functions. But they are still have many differences depend on the model, type or they come from different manufacturers. The instructions will provide you a draft information then help you learn how to ride your new electric bike faster.

Try on Riding with Different Gears

The first important thing is you have to know how the electric bike gears system work. After view the instruction then now time for you to go with your new electric bike.

You should try to ride it without power and use your own physical strength, you may face some difficulty in riding on the pedals if compare it to riding a normal bicycle.

Turn on the electric bike power; adjust the power assist setting to easy option in earlier times first to get used to the bike. Get used to using different gears and levels of power assist by turning, balancing and overcoming an object. This way, when you are actually on roads, you will not be confused about what to do. Try to understand higher and lower gears of your electric bike.

Ride an electric bike

Learn to ride your new electric bike in open area first.

Learn to Control Yourself

When you go from regular bicycle to the electric bike, you experience the leap of extreme power. At that time, the first thing to do is to control yourself. I know it feels tough not to experience the high speed and all but doesn’t ever do that. It will cause accidents as the drivers will not expect you to start at this high speed.

Scan the movements of others and signal yours. Keep an eye to the driveway and side roads. Try to keep yourself comfortable to see and make eye contact with car drivers who may cross the path you are in. Do not forget to keep your bicycle one meter away to the parked cars in case a door.

Using Power Assist

Try to maintain a good understanding of high and low gear. In hills when you ride an electric bike, make sure you ride in low gear. It will make riding more comfortable. It also helps the battery to be power efficient. You will not have to experience low batteries.

In the second rotation of your pedal, the pedal assist starts to kick. If you are on high gear, you will experience the power and quick take off. Make sure you know what you are doing with the gear.

Know the Power of Your Electric Bike

You can cover a very long distance with an electric bike, which is not possible with a regular bike. It is not a normal bicycle; it is a great electric bike. It will get you to destination within some minutes.

 Getting that power suddenly makes you invincible. Also, without knowing much about the power and performance riding the electric bicycle is extremely dangerous. So make sure you understand how powerful your vehicle is. Utilize the power in the right way. There are several surveys that e-bikes caused more accident than expected because of some carelessness.

About Passing People

You are not going to be one person in the busy road like your sideways where you practiced. Make sure you check out the traffic signal and ride the bike safely. Before passing any vehicle, give them enough space to avoid collision. Signal before your movement to let other people nearer you know that you are coming their way.

Take Professional Help

If you think you are not able to master the techniques of e-bike riding, and then seek professional advice. Some professional instructors will teach you in personal or workplace areas. It is a great way to start before handling things with immature hands.

Electric Bike Range Tips

Electric Bike Tour

Knowing how far your electric bike can go, you can easy for setting up your journey!

Sometimes electric bikers are worried about the range of their bike. I know you want to have extra mileage without worrying about charging very often.

For that, try to follow some tips below:

  • Keep the battery fully charged all the time. You do not know when you are heading on an exciting journey with your electric bike. So keep it ready and go for experience right away.
  • It is obvious that more power consumption will cause the battery to die after some time. But if you pedal harder and take less assistance from the battery then it will go on longer, especially in hills pedal harder as power consumption is high there.
  • The slow ride also helps the charge of battery to stay. When you are enjoying a peaceful trip for just an enjoyment, then enjoy a leisurely ride.
  • Have a second charger and battery. It seems to be a costly idea, but if you are always with your electric buy, then definitely go for second chargers and batteries. You will be able to charge them when you are not using those but the other ones.
  • Oil your chain more often. When you are pedaling harder, the smoother chain will be more energy efficient. You or battery both do not have to work too hard on the pedal. Oiling also keeps chain better in the long run.


Now that you have read all the tips for beginners to ride an electric bike, you know what you should do to get used to your electric bike. Master your e-bike will let you more enjoy tours with it in future. We did our part in explaining a few things that you should look up to. Go and experience the electric bike riding. Tips and tricks help, but nothing helps us more than the experience ourselves.

Electric flat bike

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