Women Bikes Sizes – Choosing the Right Bikes

Everything related to biking can be tailor- made to meet women’s needs. This not only applies to riding gears such as shoes and gloves but also, to the bike itself. While a lady can comfortably enjoy a standard bike, there are custom women bikes sizes in the market that meets their gender needs better.

Most professional women cyclists are as aggressive as their male counterparts. However, men have larger upper bodies and stronger thighs so, women bikes are somehow scaled down to accommodate these differences. In this article, we are going to look at how to choose between the different women bike’s sizes.

How Are Women Bikes Sizes Different from Men Ones?

Most women bikes on the market are made of lighter materials to reduce the weight. And since women are generally shorter than men, the ground clearance of their bike frames is lower to accommodate this difference. However, unlike men’s bikes that favor the 29” wheels, women’s bikes are normally fitted with the 26” wheels. Because arms and torsos of women are shorter than man, the head angle on the women’s bikes is always designed to be sharper than the men ones.

Hydration systems on these bikes are also tailor made to meet women needs. The type and amount of fluid intake during rides for women is somehow different from that of men. The concentration of sugar, potassium and other minerals in women bottles are adjusted to meet their body needs. Also, women bottles tend to come in smaller diameters.

Women bodies always produce heat at a much slower rate than men. That is the reason why women have different body heat characteristics when compared to men. Therefore, riding shorts and gears are designed with the needs of female genders. On the other hand, women bikes have feminine touch on the position and angle of paddling, wicking, and back movement. All these factors are put into consideration when creating the bikes.

Although women are able to ride on men’s bikes, it is good to look for women bikes sizes that come with gear and apparel designed to meet women needs.

Bicycle Sizing Charts

Bicycle sizing charts are tables that can help you in determining the right women bikes sizes with ease. They use both your height and inseam to give you an idea of the frame size you need for your bicycle. The frame size as calculated for road bikes and mountain bikes is the distance from the seat frame to the center of the bottom bracket. These charts only act as a guide but to find the right size, you will need to consider other factors as well. By looking at the chart below, you will find the right bicycle size according to your height.

Fitting the Bike

Once you have determined your right bike size, you are ready to go bike shopping. However, it is important to follow the right steps. And Before handing your money to the seller, you should not only ensure that the bike fits your size well but also, meets your riding style and cycling needs. Also, fitting the bike will give you a true picture of how comfortable or successful the bike will be. While fitting the bike, it is important to ensure that it does not feel cramped and that the saddle and handlebars are the correct size. That will ensure that you get a lot of comfort while riding the bike.

Use a Bicycle Size Calculator 

Since there are many women bikes sizes in the market, it is particularly important to use a bike size calculator when estimating your bike size. You can easily find the calculators online and most of them are ready to use without the need for any registration. The calculators come handy when beginning to find the right bike size. The good thing about them is that they only use your height to make a determination.

1. The frame size

One of the most overlooked features of a bike is the frame size. When it comes to choosing between women bikes sizes, you need to ensure that the frame size is right. If you miss out on this, cycling can either become hard or very uncomfortable. For example, if the frame size is too small for your height, you won’t be able to extend your leg to achieve maximum power. On the other hand, if the frame size is too big, you will not be able to get a full rotation from your pedaling. Unfortunately, both situations will cause you to loose on power.

2. Seat position

Most Women Bike Sizes comes with seats that are transformed to meet women’s physical structure. Women pelvic bones are wider and therefore seats on their bikes have been broadened to increase comfort. The most common types of seats on women bikes are the butterfly (triangular shapes) and the Gel packs that are designed to accommodate sharp sit points.

There are some female riders who prefer seats that are either tilted forward or backward. However, many riders still prefer flat seats so that they do not feel as if they are slipping forward or backwards. The right seat position should be such that your feet moves naturally above the pedals and when you pedal down, your feet should reach down to the bottom.

3. The handlebars

Most women bikes sizes have handlebars that are tailor made to suit women needs. Since women generally have smaller hands, the handlebars on their bikes are made smaller ensuring better grip and performance. The handlebars increase the amount of control while at the same time offering improved response during cornering.

Women bike’s sizes have handlebars that are angled for the best reach. When a handlebar is not set right, the rider can experience some back pains and even fatigue.


If you are looking for the right women bikes sizes, you should consider several factors in order to achieve the best results. Women bikes are special because they offer less aggression when compared to men bikes. To get the right size however, you need to not only look at bike size chart but also, do some sampling on the bike to see whether it fits well.

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